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joy madison

so cool! Thanks for the inspiration! Love the fact that you have to bend down to do your thing, without that being in the way:) very nice


hi miss heidi. so very, very happy you gave into the peer pressure and are continuing to post to the blog! really enjoy reading about how you go about your creative process.

have to tell you that i just started scrapbooking when "designing with texture" came out, and your work grabbed me from the get go. you made me want to get involved in scrapbooking, helped me see that it is art, self-expression, a process, telling my and my family's story, but also a much needed creative outlet.

was reading through some of your earlier posts and want to share my support of you as you go through the inevitable growing pains of establishing your new product line. don't be too hard on yourself, there is only so much of that (manufacturing, shipping etc) that is within your control. you are really brave and quite remarkable to even go out there and do this!

and, of course, the products are awesome. absolutely love them. love that they are so open ended so we stretch outselves to be creative and do fun things with them. and love that there is so much pink!!! can't wait to see what other fun tricks you have up your sleeve!

you are doing great things. be gentle with yourself, do that wonderful art thing that you do and post your amazing work when you are able. if i thought my husband wouldn't go absolutely nuts, i'd put rub-ons on my bathroom mirror too. hmmm, maybe my studio needs a mirror....

we love ya hks!


heidi wandel

Heidi: I would like to see more of your layouts, I have visited your website but it only has very few. Where could I see more. Love your work. Heidi


Thanks for blogging again, Heidi. I am so happy that you decided to continue this! =0)


glad you're still blogging! love that optimism! :D


Glad you're posting more...
Optimisim is essential, but unfortunately also very easily beaten down by mr. negativity...what exactally is your trick to beating him, other than loud, glorious music?


now that's funky!

and 30 seconds to blow dry?? dang.

Wanda E. Santiago

Awesome to see you posting!! I love what you have to say! Hugs Wanda


I see we spend as much time on hair care as each other - really!! In fact most days I dont even dry my hair!!

When I saw your banner I thought of a child writing in their Mum's good lipstick on the bathroom mirror - it made me kinda giggle.

Minor haret failure today, I saw the Hibiscus stamps available at my fave US online store. We havent got them here yet but I aint waiting - after ISC I just HAD to have them. Besides, I need something that vaguely matches the tape!!

Keep cool Ms Heidi - and WHERE ARE OUR JELLYBEANS????



HEIDI! I did the same thing with the white rub-ons!! The quote I used is "the world crowns success, but God crowns FAITHFULLNESS" It took awhile since it was sooo long, but way worth it. I took a pic in front of mine, but in order to get the white to show in the pic, I had to use the flash. I put a little tiara on in the pic and that's just about all you can see of me! ~Emily


Heh there Heidi and company,
The rubons on your mirror really look fantastic, but am I the only one that has a puzzled look on her face? (nose all pinched). See, I go right to...what happens when you clean your mirrors with Windex? Can they be scraped? Yada-yada. So Heidi, whatup? Can they be cleaned easily?

So glad you're posting -- huge fan of yours from way back.



I love your mirror quote!! the feel of that photo is just amazing!!!
Fab to see you blogging again! Keep optimism in sight at all times!!



I kind of wondered the same as Colleen, but also wondered what happened to the t in contagious. It looks like a backwards j. I always do that though, I see the trees and not the forest. :)


hey heidi! i didnt know you did the blog thing. :) love the rubons on the mirror idea. that is rad!!


Hi Heidi!!!
Love your work and your products!!! I am glad to find your blog....your banner kicks ass!!!! TFS.

tara pollard pakosta

okay so i am really bored and i am just surfing around on the scrap blog rolls and see heidi swapp?????!!!!! are you kidding???? so glad to see you starting a blog....i dig your product.....finally found some in the area......will be purchasing much much more of this stuff!!!!!! you are soooooooooo creative!!!!! i so wish i could see what you are working on!!! your banner is very very cooL!!!!!! tara


Very cool banner indeed! And what a great idea! Love your work, products AND your blog!


I love that you are blogging, love the rub-ons, and I LOVE all the CHA stuff that you just released! I am going to have to decorate my own clock now... and I said I'd never have a clock in my studio! =)


What a neat idea!!! Doesn't it peel off when you clean the mirror or the bathroom steams up?

Got some of your new goodies and am in HEAVEN!!!

Helle Greer (pink latte)

Well well well, so good to have you back ...
I still have this tin for you made with all your goodies, that you send me yum yum!!!
I'm going to Arizona again in Sept, hope to see you and your great crew again. First I'm heading to Europe for 10 days, leaving in 2 weeks,YEAHHHH.
Dis I say that I LOVE all your products, made soooo many things with them already.
Helle Greer in Coronado..


I LOVE the mirror. very cool. I think I'll take that idea and run with it. Totally cool in the kids bathroom with some reminders. Could be like Brush, Floss, Rinse out sink, Hang up towels and stuff like that. Hmmm......now I'm all in creative decorating mode.

Wanda E. Santiago

Hey beautful I hope you get this!!

Hope it makes you smile!! Your number one fan
Hugs Wanda



SOO Glad to find your blog lady!! Your enthusiasm is contagious !! You products RAWK and you are so darn cute!

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