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teri fode

wondered when you would have a blog, heidi!!! not surprised...not at all.

love the story of your mom. so funny, how mom's *kinda* get this scrappin' buz, egh? :)


joy madison

cool self portrait. Tuesday is self portrait day in the world of crafty girls....(a lot of apron makers, softie makers, quilters, knitters, etc.) Join the throngs:)


Your mom is cracking me up... (can you adopt me and send me boxes of new product?)

Glad to see you're back.


Glad you got a second wind. Wish we could see the amazing stuff you are creating! Looking forward to reading the blog. BTW, love the banner


so glad to see you blogging again...i was a heidi lurker before and glad to see that your 'mirror mantra' works :)

you are certainly living on the edge lately...chugging that diet coke in the can can do wonders...i know ;)

keep the faith

pam easley

Cindy Mills

SOOOOOOOO glad you're back. I am so with you about your "grandfather story." My grandfather and I were very close also and it really comforts me when I catch myself or my dad "being" him. Thanks for sharing your photo.

Linda A. (elendae)

So glad that you are back! Love the photo of your shadow! :) And it is so cool that your Mom is getting into scrapbooking. I've turned my Mom onto jewelry-making, and we have the best time chatting and creating necklaces and bracelets together. :)


Kills you! Try being us waiting for your stuff! We feel your pain! I'm up for adoption as well!


I know how it feels...to love something when you first make it and then be un-enthused when it finally becomes "viewable"...just remember there will always be someone who's touched by your work...wish we could see it now though!


awww...trust me...we wish we COULD see it! love your stuff...and yeah, you can adopt me and send me stuff anytime. I can't put your stuff down. You rock woman...totally rock. Can't wait to see what is next. :)


Miss Heidi I could use a dose of your inspiration. I just finished my entry for a big contest here and I saved my best ideas for it. Now it's done, I'm so drained of ideas!! Tomorrow I will feel better I know it.....

Do you have new stuff coming out at Summer CHA? Or do you think a whole line is enough for one year?????!!!!! LOL Stay cool girl



ROFL .. . I'm thinking there are a lot of us wanting to be adopted right about now.

Love the story about your grandfather. .. I need to do something similar with my dad (my photography-genetic-link) and I . .. thinking I need to get a pic of the 2 of us side-by-side taking a picture. Hmmmm . . .

I found your blog when you had your card up, and wishful thinking me, was hoping you'd start posting on it again!


Heidi, that picture is so cute! I think it's kinda cool when we find new ways to take pics of ourselves....glad you're back to blogging because you are so inspiring, even what you have to say is great!


Hey there Heidi,
Good to see your back. I hear you on the deadlines, thats so where I am at. The only problem is, its cold here in Australia..........so coffee is looking better than diet coke!!!
Cant wait to see what else you come up with!!



LOVE the idea of the Rubbons on your mirror.
LOVE it.
glad to see you blogging girl, i KNOW how you have OOOdles of spare time to do so,
He he he.

Cant wait to see your new stuff darlin.
it will be , as always awesome.:)


SSSOOO glad you are bloggin again!!! LOVE your stuff & so glad to have met you at CHA, GA!!! can't wait to see what you have instore for us all!!

your mom is so darn cute!!! love the motivation she has to scrapbook!



i hope you're happy, ms heidigirl. i am not unable to scrap a page without chipboard. i blame you, just so you know.



Good to see you're back blogging :D Love your self portrait too!


Great to have you back bloggin Heidi!

Love that you Mum is scrapping too, I got my Mum involved in this crazy Hobby as well, I love being able to go go shopping with her etc. And the fact that she is right into the family history as well is great for our family Heritage scrapbooks!

Christine T.

how cool about your mom getting involved! so fun!


so glad to see you blogging!!! Isn't it great to have an artistic mom who you can create with!!! :)

I am just starting to get my hands on some of your stuff. So far it all is better than I imagined! I still have a list of things I want... can't wait to see what you come up with next!!!


Great to have you back!


HI Heidi,

I just wanted to tell you I LOVE your work.

Also, I HAD to tell you that you and I both are SOOO alike about going to bed. I put it off as long as I can until I am just EXHAUSTED. Man, we'd have some great night crops and chats. If you ever need an all night scrap buddy, I'm there. :)

Thena Smith

Just sending you a hug of appreciation!!

Thena Smith


Seriously girlfriend - I never would have believed it had I not stumbled upon it - you - a blogger!?! Nothing will stand to amaze me from this point forward! :) You rock, you inspire, you motiviate, you revitalize me -- hmmmm - maybe you can move me to get back to running again, eh? ;)


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