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i love what you did with it, too! that IS hot!

hey, just so you know...i've already used my spray paint and mask this week. ;)


you are such a clever clever chick. no wonder you're so lovingly adored.

cool clock by the way!


That is so cool! You may have to start selling those, LOL.


That is way cool! You have got to be the MOST creative person I have ever met!


That looks so awesome!!! I love it!


Wow.. so fantastically fun... :)

michelle baker

how fun is this?! i'd be getting the eyeroll from my dh if i tried to recruit him to help with that. lol he's WAY too practical. ;)


very, very clever....i totally love it! :)


Ok that is the cutest clock! You're inspiring me to alter a clock for my new studio!


This is VERY COOL Heidi!! I would've never thought of that!!! If it weren't for the neon-pink electric factor, I would totally do this!! Once again, you are brilliant!! YOU RAWK!!


AHHH!! Adorable! You are so darn cool.

Helle Greer (pink latte)

How AWSOME is that!!!!!!
Sooooo cute.

Helle Greer


So flippin' cute! Love it!


Heck, now you've got us all wanting Heidi Swapp clocks!

What a cute clock.


This completely RAWKS Heidi! I want one!! Love the endless possibilities of altering..and your logo....it is so perfect and so WOW! I can't wait to get some of your masks. Tonight I used your daisy stamps and pained and altered a flea market find..too much fun and I have to have t hem all now!


ooo...now I want one... but I want green and it has to say Katy.

Better start looking in the clearance section for neon clocks :)

joy  madison

OH MY GOSH....totally cute!!! I need to alter a clock for my new scrapbook room!


Very cool! I love it.

Robyn (twinsplus1)

Gosh DERN!!! We don't have a
WALGREENS!!!! Market those boogers, we'll ALL buy them!!!! BRILLIANT!


waaaaaay cool girl!

Jen Blackwell

that is the cutest! Clocks have been my latest venture - with ribbons and all kinds of frilly stuff, and it does take some "fiddling" with the hands to get them working right, but I am hard at work compiling a stack for Christmas gifts.


This is brilliant. I've altered clocks but a neon one.... wow! You sure don't put any boundries on what you can do! Love it. Thanks for Inspiring me.... yet again!

Janice S.

Too Fabulous! Can you make me one?! lol


now this is just too cool!! Love it :)


WOW!! thats just way too kewl!

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