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I know that i don't feel rested all the time. Good for you for starting to run again, I need to start my workout soon! I will keep my eyes peeled for your stuff in the AZ stores. Are there places that it isn't going to be in (to rule them out). Can't wait to see your new stuff!
Have fun at Thai food, I am scrappin tonight :)

marie cox

Hey Heidi!!! So gald your not slacking on the blogging anymore...love hearing what your up to.


CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THE MEMORY TRENDS STUFF, HEIDI!! I am also literally "hunting" your Target stuff, too. lol.... I'll check my Targets this weekend up in Olympia and give you my report, girl!!

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!


Raided the Targets here in Sarasota, FL...nothing yet. I go to bed at 9 pm everynight and POP out of bed at 4:30 am ready to scrap, works for me!


You are all over this bloggin' thing now! Love it! I'm dying to see your new stuff! (: Searching targets too! Going to Newport Beach tomorrow and I'll be breaking at every Target I see! LOL! Have fun scrappin! Hugs!

Angela Randolph

I have just spent the last hour calling every Super Target in my area looking for your Crazy Life line- no luck yet. It made my day though stumbling across your blog, I will be checking it daily. Absolutely love your stuff. it seems to be all I buy now. May your talents NEVER END!!!!!!!


DARN it not at our Target :(
Called the guy and he thought I was living the Crazy Life probably wondering why would i be looking for more of it!

He said there aren't any tags but the aisle is really empty... OH I HOPE HOPE HOPE! We get it there.

in Southern Oregon
Medford to be exact :)

Gretchen Kalhust

I don't know why, but I like thinking that you get photos developed at Walmart. It makes me smile to think that even someone with your scrapbooking celebrity shops there too! Somehow I forget that you (and others who do what you do) are actually human! LOL Kind of like when you're a kid and you see your teacher outside of school. It's always a shock to think that they do things beside teach - like shop for groceries! Glad to see that you're so down to earth!

Lisa Sigler

You wouldn't happen to be going to CKU-Kansas City would you? Oh how great would that be? Don't you hate that two weeks long overdue hair do? ack. I hope you get your appt. soon!

Janet O

I hope it's at regular Targets since there is no ST near me and I MUST SEE IT!
I'm gonna be a total geek and give you a link to check out:
hee hee
Enjoy the Thai food!

jessica kirkland

hey heidi!

i couldn't believe my eyes when i walked into joann's lastnight and saw your product!? i was excited when you posted about the super target line coming out - then that same night i saw your current stuff in joann's!! too funny!

glad you are posting regularly - loving the additions to your website as well - great inspiration.


Linda A (elendae)

I've got two Target stores within an hour's travel - guess what I am doing tomorrow?? :)


hmmm you should try #14 at our local thai - bit is in Brisbane so it might be a bit far to go for you this weekend... it is a chicken salad and the combination of fresh mint and onion and lettuce, tomato, it just zings in your mouth.... do you get coconut steamed rice every time too?


must go to Target!!! there are three within 15 minutes of me.....keep your fingers crossed!


Hmmmmm .. .now I'll be able to get my SIL on it. She's a manager at a local Target and will scope stuff out for me. Can't wait to see it.

Heather D. White

LOL at your sleeping comment! I've wondered that myself. I've gotten extremely accustomed to having the constant burning sensation in my eyes from lack of sleep. I began to think it was normal. I've decided I will never really know what "normal" people feel like. LOL! Not, at least, until I decide to let my life slow down!! Can't wait to see your Target stuff! YAY!


I too picked up some fab things from your line at JoAnn's tonight. Was excited to see your line there...it's always sold out at LSS in my area (Las Vegas). ;)

michelle baker

JoAnn's???!!! Get OUT!!! I'm SO going to check ours out today. YIPPEE!

I'm totally a morning person and always fly out of bed rip roarin' ready to go. I usually hit the hay around 10 and get up at 6-ish to work out. LOVE my mornings. Just don't ask me to do anything productive past 10pm. lol

Are you doing anything different with your style? I just went espresso w/ blonde highlights...loving it.


I am actually pouting that we don't have Target in Canada. Entirely unfair. Can't wait to see your MT stuff.

And...love me some Thai food. At least we have that here. :)

Wanda E. Santiago

Hey beautiful Just stooped by to say Hi!! You have been busy!! I have been gone three weeks!! Have a lot of catching up to do!! Hugs Wanda


You are invited to come to Ahwatukee and have your picture taken next to your product in our store! Hey, I know it's not TARGET (or your old stomping grounds in the East Valley) but we'd love it if you stopped by.


thai food for us tonight too heidi..yummers.

hoping that my targer gets some of your stuff, b/c my lss has yet to stock it..blah.

danielle velie

OMG Heidi!!! I went to my regular Target here in Melbourne, FL and Crazy Life was there!! I bought so much of it that the cashier looked at me and asked, "Scrapbooker or collector?" I said both! I love it. and I'm not being cheesy in the brown-nose sort of way. I guess I'm just excited because my local store carried it. Oh, well. The little things, right?



I'm patiently waiting for Target and JoAnn's to carry your stuff. But my patience is running very thin.

Can't wait to see your new product.



I really ought to try that going to bed at 9pm thing... Imagine feeling rested in the morning!?!?!? Who knew! Ü What hike are you doing at the Grand Canyon? I have done the "Rim to Rim" twice and it was sooo amazing! North Rim to South Rim in one day!

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