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Oh, I just painted my family room brown 2 weeks ago and LOVE it! We have pink window toppers, too :). Have fun decorating!


There is not enough money in the world to even pay me to go to South Africa, but I am really excited for you! I am excited to see all of the new product AND to see your website updated, too. I hope that happens very soon because I know a lot of us are anxious to see what's what!!


>> I have heard of such husbands as well but gosh darn it I didn't get one either. IT's so hard cause he can't visualize ANYTHING!!! Good Luck and I am sure he will love it when he gets back!

Janice S.

It is definetly the season for redecorating! I am painting my new scrap room! We sold our formal dining set and I have taken over! I went to Home Depot for paint and where else but IKEA for new furniture! And away we go... I did the walls green. I used a Certainly Celery cardstock from Stampin' Up! as my swatch but it turned out alot like your Grass! Either way it is gorgeous! Heck, it could be black for all I care! It is a scrap room! HA!
Have a ball in S.A.!


hi heidi - wow - south africa - how exciting.

the same for me regarding husbands. i do the same thing, wait for him to go out of town, and then i create.


Anthropologie is my all time favorite store in the world, and my scrapbook room is decorated in the whole anthropologie look. Pink and brown are my absolutet all time favorite colors, so I am anxious to see your living room. I have begged and pleaded with my husband to do a pink and brown look in our living room, but only won on the brown part, I think I have a ways to go convincing him on the pink part. Have fun in South Africa, oh the amazing pictures you will take. Good luck on the decorating, cant wait to see the photos!!


S.A.! How exciting. I'm sure you are going to LOVE it there. I have heard so many wonderful things about it. The 21 hour plane ride would have me in a frenzy too...but you will get through it. Can't wait to see your new stuff! Keep up the great work!


you ain't no hollaback girl


I would love a pink and brown room! Must be exciting getting ready for your trip!


You guys have a great time in South Africa. Wow, what an experience for your kids.

We're doing the whole re-decorating deal . .. from white walls to colored. Not a big surprised about the pink and brown.


I seriously don't know where you find the time to do everything!!!

Have a great week!


Heidi, Im sitting here having a coughing fit, from laughing so hard. Heres hoping Eric doesnt read your blog, or you are in some serious trouble my friend!

Sth Africa, so exciting. There was an incredible documentary on TV about it tonight.......WOW Heidi.......DONT forget your camera!! (I know you wont, but it doesnt hurt to be reminded)

I must admit, im glad that its only me flying over there to USA........cause I'm not sure how I'll go on a plane that long, so not wanting to have the kids going thru that too.

But it will be fab to all be together! You will have to bring them to Aussie next time too hey!!


forgot to add, that someone told me about Anthropologie last week.......and Im gonna be checking it out in SLC!! What a store!! Maybe I'll bring a whole store back to Australia!!LOL!!


I am one of the lucky ones who will be meeting you and taking your class in johannesburg next week. I cannot wait! :) You and your family are going to LOVE South Africa. We have a truly beautiful country with loads to see and do. Would love to see the pics of the pink and brown room once it's finished.


Can't wait to see the room, it sounds great. I would love to do this with my living room but I don't think my husband would like it too much. Good luck getting everything done. I can't wait until it starts too cool off here so we can actually go outside :)

marie cox

if your looking for fabric try the sunbloom line by Amybutlerdesign.com

Kelie Myers Brown

Hey Hiedi, I can't wait to see pictures from your convention in S. Africa. I was a missionary in Africa back in '93 and '94. I have always wanted to take my family back someday. Living among the villagers in total "missionary style" it's so hard for me to think of Africa as scrapbooking kind of country. I'm sure you will see a completely different kind of Africa than I did. Ok, here's one to be ready for....the amazing night sky. It is and I do not lie- Breathtaking. The Southern Hemisphere just makes it look so much bigger. I get weepy eyed thinking about it and it was over ten years agao that I lived there. Enjoy!


Oh man! Africa, you must be going with Donna!! That's going to be such an awesome trip, and how lucky are your kids! What an experience!

As for home decorating, I suck at it! It takes an act of God to make me want to decorate...but I'm lovin' the pink/brown combo!!

Cheryl Waters

Wonderful. We lived in South Africa for a year. Warm people. We traveled extensively overseas and back with my little one (now six). I used to be worried about how she would do on the long flights and was always amazed at how well she did . . . better than some adults on the flight. I know you'll all enjoy . . . especially once you get there. Have a delightful time! Take care.


awesome..I love decorating!! My hubby gives me free reign, but he loves to be involved. He did allow a pink and brown room here, but it is our laundry/bathroom combo. But I love it. LOVE that room. It is my girly space amongst my house with guys. :)


Hey - my husband has lots of opinions on decorating, too!! Sometimes I just want my way, though! LOL!! have a fabulous time in South Africa!!!


oooh, post pictures when you finish the room! i love anthropologie...my favorite store too :)


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