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I so wish that I could have been at CKU. It sounds like you had a wonderful time. I live in AZ too and I know how darn hot it is. Can't wait for it to cool down soon!

Michelle Hill

That was a awesome track....still working on my album in all my spare moments...this is something I really want to finish in whole. Thanx so much heidi for everything....I had a BLAST...by far my favorite CKU..thanx again take care


Oh I wish I could have gone...looks like it was a great time. Thanks for sharing :)


Well, I'm going to add "box of tissues" to my packing list for CKU-A in Stamford! I'm signed up for your track and at first was scared, but now I am so excited!!!
It sounds like you had a great "working" vacation, you certainly deserved it. :)


I walked into my lss to do a little scrapbook shopping on Monday and imagine my surprise when I got to see one of the SHE albums completed. It's GORGEOUS! And so love the idea behind it. ::sigh:: so wish I could make it to a CKU-A session, but after getting to do the Dallas one, I think it's going to be awhile before I get to go again. I'd love to do your track.

So glad you got to mix your work with some family time. Sounds like you had a great time.


After a long weekend, I finished my SHE album its so AMAZING and can't wait to show it off!!! thanks again for all the great memories. Have a great time in NYC (oh how I love NYC)


This track was awesome on SO MANY different levels! I loved every minute of it! I've got about 8 more layouts to complete my SHE album! It is my priority!


The SHE track at CKUA Provo was amazing. Heidi, you are incredible -- you changed the way I looked a scrapbooking with Designing with Texture and now again with SHE. Thank you for a fabulous experience.


I WISH I COULD'VE BEEN THERE AND TAKEN YOUR ALBUM TRACK, TOO!! From what I've seen, it's an awesome project!! And all of those scrapbooking goodies??? I'm really sorry I missed out on it! =0(


I hope to be able to take your track. I have heard so many raves and you are such an awesome creative inspiration!


totally and completely jealous of the women who attended your track. please come to houston, texas.


Yes, thank you SO much Heidi. What an awesome experience. I tell every woman I meet about SHE :) What an awesome concept and a beautiful album.


Hi Heidi! I just had to comment that I have that same "Charmer" shirt. :) Cracked me up to see you in it - that's my dog's name! (Also my name on 2peas). That album sounds awesome...Keep up the great work!


heidi so good to see your blogging again, yay for you.
i can feel the smile in your heart again and i am smiling myself.
your SHE class album sounds amazing, oh one day I will get to do a Heidi class at CKU - I can dream !!!
Cannot wait to see your handwriting book IRL.
Take care and kee smiling
hugs wendy in melbourne (yes fun stalker wendy LOL )


oh I am so intrigued by your track I want to do a She album and I am so sad I couldn't attend this year.

Kathleen Summers

I'm also so happy to see you blogging again! And I'm another one who can't wait to get the handwriting book I pre-ordered! :)


Hey there Heidi,
I wish you could teach that class here, it sounds wonderful!

Thanks for sharing some of your home town experience. I am so looking forward to arriving in Salt Lake City. Is there anything I really must see while Im there?

Isnt it amazing the places we get to travel in this wonderful industry!!

See ya real soon:)



Your blog entry just made me smile. CKU-A just breeds insight and happiness and gratitude. I was blessed to be at the inaugural album format in Dallas. Loved it. I would love the opportunity to hang w/ you @ some future CKU and just ABSORB! Love all the new products... I use your stuff on every little thing...just makes me HAPPY. Thank you for that.


Come to the Houston CKU in September next year...I would love to take your track!!!!

Linda Beeson

LOVED being at CKU-A - LOVED being about to take the SHE track! I was challenged, just like I wanted to be! I wasn't there to FINISH an album but to be taken out of my box a bit!!! THANKS! Linda

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