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Celine Navarro

Welcome back! :) hope you had a fab trip!


Welcome back! SO glad to hear you had a great trip. I just found all your Crazy Life line at my Target! Such cool stuff and SO FUN!!! =)


welcome home... Can't wait to hear all about your trip and even better SEE all about your trip!


Oh and one more thing... Can I just say I am so sad. No crazy life and my T's and the LSS here doesn't carry your awesome stuff. I am working on them... I even have 1st dibs to teach with your product when my LSS gets it in! Oh my enough rambling!


Welcome Home darlin!
Glad your trip was opne to remember for all the RIGHT reasons!!
Look forward to hearing more when you have recharged! :)
Peace and love


There's no place like home. Glad to hear all is well. I'm sure it will take a while to get back into your normal routine. Look forward to your posts!

Shannon Snyder

Welcome Back...enjoy your Coke (in styrofoam I presume ;) Yeah...I'm a stalker...:)


Welcome home! It was so nice to meet you today at the convention, you are just so cute and bubbly even after your trip. Get some rest!

Helle Greer (pink latte)

Hey heidi,
Welcome home, glad you had a great trip.
I just returned home from Arizona, from the convention. SOOOO sad that I missed you, you had just left when we came back from memory Lane. got a lot of your great products.
What does your Target line look like??? we keep checking here in San diego, but still nothing.
Anyway, I'm heading off to bed as well.


Hi Heidi! I met you at the Convention in SA. LOVED your class (and all the goodies we got). So glad to hear that you are back home safe and that you enjoyed your trip to SA. It was amazing having you (and your family) here. Don't forget to tell everyone how the guys from Tap Dogs flirted with you! LOL.
Hope you liked the necklace I gave you.

sarah green

Hi Heidi, glad you had a great trip, laughed when I saw the word "knackered" I remember seeing your face here in NZ when we said it!! Glad your learning the "kiwi lingo"!


Glad your back!! and even happier to hear you had a great trip! :)


how cool!
i've always wanted to visit SA - my cousin's boyfriend is from there. =)

Linda A (elendae)

Glad you had a safe trip and return, and can't wait to see your photos!!

Wanda E. Santiago

Glad you are back!! Missed ya!! Hugs Wanda


Welcome back! Looking forward to hearing all about you trip.
HOpe you are not knackered anymore. LOL

Kylie Tout

Glad yo hear you had a great trip and have made it home safe and sound - will be checking in to get all the details :0).

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