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Have you ever thought of starting a clothing company? :-P Those jeans are awesome!!!


Oh my I have never heard such a buzz about jeans before!! Totally darling idea.. your creative mind amazes me..rock on girl.


Im sure you are tired of hearing how great you are. But I have to say it again. Those jeans blow me away and was wondering of you would be kind enough to share how they were created. That would be awesome to do that to my kids jeans for a photo shoot. Please share. Also I noticed on other websites that people said you had lip gloss. I was wondering if that is something that others will be able to get I must have one. Thanks in advance. Enjoy the day with your children.


LOVE THE JEANS! I think I might try to re- create those this weekend. I have most of the words from your left pantleg.. create, love, fun, believe, joy, unique, dream. I think there are 2 more words that I can't make out.. one in pink letters that end in day and one that has an l as the last letter in black. Can you tell me what those words are? Thanks!


You all looked so cute in your jeans!! Can't wait to see all the new stuff! I was lucky and found some of your target stuff (the blue flair is still eluding me)...it is all adorable :-)


I take that back Heidi..the black word ends in an E, I think. Could the word be HOME? =0)

Sandy Gargano

I love the jeans too!
How did you do them?
Are they all iron ons or some painted?
I tried painting with foam stamps on mine after seeing yours and the white looks like a shadow- not bright and opaque like yours.
Help please!?!?


I love the jeans. Will have to tackle that project myself. You are just too creative! Constant inspiration!

betsy sammarco

OK . . . these are just the coolest! You are just so jaw dropping creative - can't you spare just a little ounce and send it my way?!
Can't wait to see your new stuff!


Love the jeans! How do you come up with all this stuff?! Love 'em!


Very cool jeans. Please tell how you did them.


Cute design on the jeans. Nice idea.


the jeans.....the jackets.....the pink lapel flowers....they totally rock!!


Come on Share the secrets to the jeans... we are assuming you used your masks to make them... but is it fabric paint????




I like the jeans. Very cool.

Cindy Curtis

Yes-please tell all on the Jeans...And your lip shine rocks! MT was awesome!


LOVE the jeans. I've been altering/painting jeans for some time now. DUH, why didn't I think to use stamps? I do it by hand!

FYI for anyone out there, you can purchase a fabric additive to mix 1/2 & 1/2 with your acrylic paint to make it fabric washable (and a bit stretchy to move with the jean).


the jeans were very cool. i stopped by your booth and i gotta say - way amazing stuff. the fuzzy rubons :) so fun.
thanks for always inspiring. i am a HUGE fan.

Angie Lotspeich

I would love to try my hand at the JEANS. Could you share the details - such as type of paint, jeans prep, anything else important? Thanks!

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