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It looks like you put a lot of thought into your nice evening! Everthing looks great and I'm glad you had a good time with your friends!


WOW, the cutest little gathering I have seen. I bet the girls feel so lucky to be on your team!


Loved the pics from the dinner party, but I am still anxiously awaiting your pics from your remodeled living room! I want to see how you use the pink and brown together!!!!!

Shannon Snyder

Too cute...you are a Martha! Love the lipgloss...just picked some up at my LSS.

Wanda E. Santiago

Beautiful table beautiful jeans beautiful women. Love all your new stuff!! Hugs Wanda


WOW - Your dinner party looked lovely. How can one person possess so much talent??? I always look forward to when you post photos and those jeans were fantastic...


TOTALLY gorgeous!! The table, the gals, the jeans, Love it all.


OOOH and FUZZY RUBONS?????????


spinach chicken apple salad...YUM !!!!!!!!! Is it easy ???? Great pics. Looks very girlie and FUN !!!!


that is just too cute. And what a yummy menu :)


SO girlie & so fun! Love the pink and green!


SO girlie, so fun. Wish I could have been there!! LOVE LOVE LOVE all the MT stuff you came out with. Can't wait to play with it, and to see what you do at CHA Winter!!! =)


cute, cute and more cute!! you are such a COOL girl!


What a beautiful place setting. I love your creativity.

On a MT note, the owner of my lss said when she walked into your booth she about cried. She loved everything about it, your products and such. She said no other booth or product did that to her. I was so excited because that meant she ordered your stuff. Whooohooo for me!! LOL


Fuzzy rub-ons are reason enough to have a party!!! The table looks beautiful!!!


WOW! Soooo cool Heidi!!!! I'm telling you... I used your rub-ons, iron-ons, ribbone tape, etc. for everything BUT scrapbooking lately! LOL! Your stuff is so versatile! Love it! Hmmmm..... what do I need to do to get invited to a Heidi Swapp dinner party???? LOL!


absolutely stunning! how fun to be able to decorate with your own products!! if you ever need another team member i'm totally available! ;)


What an adorable place setting! I saw a sample of your new fuzzy rub ons at my local scrapbook store. I love them! I can't wait until they hit the stores, too cute!

The jeans are awesome too! Loving all your new products!


What a beautiful table setting!! Looks & sounds like such a fun girly gathering, I would've loved to have been there too. You're SUCH an inspiration, Heidi, now if I could just find more of your products here in San Antonio I'd be a happy camper!


heidi baby, i am so happy you had this party and invited MOI! it was such a fun night. i still cannot get over how beautiful you made everything look! how delicious the food was! as i like to say (insert plummy british accent please) 'siiimply seensaational' for all the senses darling! your studio is so sweet! and i feel very special getting a sneak peek of the new products - those fuzzy rubons are the best! your kids are gorgeous - as is eric in a pink shirt ;)
you are a beautiful and sparkly soul - thanks so much for everything! xxx

~sharon (Walka-Mowlie)

It'll take some work, but I am going to find these products! I AM! So cute, so versatile, so inspirational. And all of your examples surely spark the creative juices! Thanks for sharing with us.

Colleen Erdmann

Hey Heidi, What a gorgeous setup...and everything said above as well! But I'm wondering if you'd have time to share the recipe for the pumpkin gingerbread & caramel sauce -- it's going to be fall-like for sometime in L.A. & would love to bake it with my kindergarten class!


Two entries on the same day!! You really are suffering from blog guilt! Hehehe! Only just started reading your blog when I saw the link on Em's blog after your dinner party the other night! I think it would be worth the 32 hour travel time to the US just to sit at that divine table setting!!! She just showed me your new fuzzy rub-ons today and I love!!! Hopefully all your new products don't take too long to reach us over here in Au.


Hi there! Everything looks BEAUTIFUL Martha (I mean Heidi). :-) Any chance you could post the Spinach Chicken Salad recipe? I'm always looking for good chicken salad recipes and it sounds quite yummy. Thank you!! I can't wait for the new stuff to come out!! I am ADDICTED to your photo corners!!!


Love the table and how you used all the flowers and rubons! I am a retailer and I highly ecourage decorating with scrapbooking supplies.

I am jealous that your are touching the fuzzy rubons, I'm excited about getting those in.

I am really jazzed about the products you are churning out of your creative head there! When I saw your booth at CHA Winter I knew (as Martha would say) "It's a good thing".

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