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Melissa H -in Oz

Great to see a new post!! keep feeling inspired to create new things, we love it when you do!! and keep smiling - you're right, it IS what it is all about!!

Scott C-Y

Thank you for the update...we were getting worried about and missing you. I enjoy reading your blog. It's nice to what the person who inspires you is inspired by!



it's getting to be too freaky that we're on the same "vibe" - creative or personal...

the past 2 nights have been focused on "the things i'm grateful for"....& also only positive thoughts before bed - hence, the "grateful" entries in my journal & reading an excerpt of two from oprah's "what i know for sure"...it's good stuff...


You know its hard to stalk you hehehehe if you don't come visit your blog.

I've been playing with alot of Scenic route too-- good stuff huh?


Glad to see a new blog post from you. Tehehe . . .my youngest not only talks to Dora, but to Diego on his new show. I love that too.



OH I love that TOO!



Its all the little things that make this life such a fab place to be.
You know you are truly a wonderwoman/goddess to be able to cope with all that you do and do it so well,dont you darl?

You have my deepest admiration.
Kiss kiss

Kim Archer

Great to see a post from you Heidi!
Enjoy Memory Trends!!


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