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i feel you heidi - we ALL go through it daily - here's a quote to think about:

"if people never did silly things nothing intelligent would ever get done" -
(steve prefontaine)

ignore the guilt - do what you can do - and "live while you live"....


It's so hard to find balance! I'm all about "housey" stuff right now and I dearly miss having any creative time. Can't seem to figure out how to fit both in at the same time...
Don't know if I've posted before - nice to meet you, my name's Jenny! :O)


oh how I can relate but I am sure your level of "to do" and "behindness" {cause I make up words:)} are so above me! I say all the time to myself...
"deep breath, one thing at a time"

Shannon Snyder

Guilt...that's a big one I think ALL moms suffer from, especially after finding smelly laundry in the washer...happens to me weekly :).


I'm sure I'm not nearly as busy as you, but I can relate....and doesn't it seem like creativity hits at the most INCONVENIENT times?? Good luck with your to-do list!!


SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO with you darlin, on the to do list.I have a similar one here. and the laundry! so it isnt just ME who does that?? good to know! :)
hugs and love baby,

Colleen (aka Chi-girl and Pea-ticular)

Really feel for you, so here's my recommendation: HIRE SOMEONE to clean your house and do the laundry. No way can you do it all espec. w/company coming to town, etc. You deserve it (we all do!). My housekeeper doesn't come as often as I'd like, but it sure is great to have the whole house cleaned in one day - including laundry (huge sign/smile).


i often get the out-of-control scattered thing too. Someone just told me a little tip that I'm gonna try. When you get the omigosh-it's-all-too-much-to-do-so-i'm-gonna-do-nothing feeling, just stop, pick one (non scrap thing) to organize. Someting easy, non-earth shattering, LOL. Your wallet, your sock drawer, think simple, organize the heck out of it, to give you back that feeling of control. Sit back and admire it, drink a coffee, tea, whatever, and just relish the fact that your drawer/wallet/whatever looks so darn beautiful. Worth a try!

I also make tons of lists to keep it all on track, which would work out great if i'd only use one notebook....still a work in progress, LOL :)

sarah h.

"Why am i blogging???"
Hee Hee! So we can have something to read as we avoid all the crap we have to do!!!!!

sarah goodman

hey heidi,
happy to find your blog...good luck this week and congrats on colton's baptism...we just had quinn's a couple months ago! so special! have a SUPER week...and have fun with the laundry...hee hee :0)
sarah goodman

Lindsay Teague

unfortunately, i can TOTALLY relate to all of the above including rank laundry in the washer...now, get to work before creativity followed by guilt hits you again! *wink*



i once thought i was the only person who left washing in the machine. i was so relieved to hear a while back that a friend's record for re-washing was 3 times before it hit the line!

i'm forever beating myself up but now i've decided i'm only doing the washing once a week - like they used to in the olden days!!!

p.s. love your stuff heidi and we're all glad you like creating more than washing!!!

love sharon (perth, western australia)


So often I find myself struggling to balance my creative life with my "real" life...you know, the one with a hyperactive toddler, dirty dishes, and a birthday gift that needs to be mailed out. I def. find that I create better when I don't have the guilt hanging over me, so I try to do "responsible" stuff first...

but other times, I realize that if I wait for the perfect time then I'll never create a thing. And being an artist makes me a better wife, mom, friend, etc...

Yup, a delicate balance for sure!


Blogging is our therapy and we need each other this way. We need to know we're not alone and not the only one who experiences what we do. I know you're a busy lady but I'm oh-so-glad that you DO take time to blog!!


This too shall pass!


Thanks for the giggle this evening. I hear you on all counts... esp. the smelly laundry!

Glad to hear you had a creative weekend! Full moon or something... I too was on creative fire! =)


I feel your pain!
I finally broke down and hired a Housekeeper. It's worth every penny. I was trying to work a job as a RN at the clinic and I own a Scrapbook Store. I finally had a break down and delegated some of my jobs out. I'm still crazy busy but atleast my house is clean.

Thena Smith

I'm listening to you right now on World Talk Radio! Love hearing about your start in the hobby and the business!



"i am thinking what was in the washer had been there since sat. morning... so it totally smelled all moldy. ***GROSS*** i just can't keep up!"

Oh gosh! I'm so glad to know that it happens to someone else too! LOL I do that ALL the time. It's a wonder that my water bill isn't double what it is since I end up re-doing half the loads I wash for that very reason! Everything will work out great and all will be right with the world once more! Don't let the guilt get a good girl down now! ;)

Love ya!

Wanda E. Santiago

I hear ya I hear ya!! Some hugs your way and may you find the balance you need to be as creative as you can be. You know Hubby could of put those clothes in the Dryer too. Hugs Wanda


Girl, I was just talking about you to a friend of mine the other day, and when she came across your blog, she told me I had to see it! (She knows I have loved your stuff for years now!!) I admit, I have been having some really frustrating days ~ clothes are piling up, two sick little girls, no free time, and the absolute chaos of everyday life. It was so nice to know that even a person like you, who always "seems so put together", is just like me.

For instance, last night I sat down at the computer. I had just made a batch of magic bars, and I was eating them and replying to your blog. It was around 11:30 pm, and the kids were still up and running around. Needless to say, I went to put the girls to bed, and I sat back down at the computer to finish (I had about 2-3 sentences left). While I was occupied, my husband sat down at the computer, did who knows what, and erased the whole thing. Forget it.. Then, I stayed up extremely late, organizing things for a garage sale this morning ~ not to mention that I am now getting sick myself.

RE: your creative weekend ~ Enjoy!! Don't feel guilty about a thing. Everything will be waiting for you when you get home. Take 2 days a week at the most to play "catch up" around the house. And if you don't get done, oh well! We all need our creative time, and I SO desperately need time now!! Make sure to eat plenty of chocolate ~ chocolate fixes everything :) !And, lastly, breathe...

Florida weather is awesome! It was in the mid-70's today. I was wearing a T-shirt & a pair of shorts today. My flowers are blooming, and there is a nice breeze. I actually took my girls to the beach last week to attempt to take Christmas pictures, as I wanted something unconventional for the season ~ it never gets cold enough here! Alas, it was my 1-year-old's first time at the beach, and she cried whenever I put her down. So, I got "first time at the beach" pictures, & she's crying in EVERY one!

Remember, SMILE & LAUGH...things could be so much worse!


P.S. Don't you just love the book?

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