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Wow, awesome album ideas!


Cool Heidi! I am throwing myself into Christmas stuff now too - in an attempt to get organised. Love the ideas, and especially the santa one. looking forward to seeing the pink trees - i wouldn't expect anything less from you = ha!


SOme great ideas! Love your work....

ps I tried to follow the pdf link on the sonoran site, but it is damaged


Your albums are fantastic - you are just so talented!!!!! Off to go check out that website - thanks :)


Watched the video... you're so cute and you have such neat ideas!

Pink Tinsel Tree??? Oh do share! I hope my local UO will have them... I'm going to go there this weekend! ;)



OK, so I'm wondering where you are for a few days and you are "just" doing a television segment for live tv. I am unpacking damp clothes from our beach trip LAST week. What in the world?? :)


Really cool Heidi - so fun to watch and your albums are awesome! I also love all your pages below - incredible! Hugs.


Those books are AMAZING! Absolutely beautiful!


Very cool!! I wish we got that show here. I'll have to check out the website. I think your little sweater is called a caplet if it doesn't have sleeves. Can't wait to see what your PINK trees look like. Too fun!!

Jessica K.

loved the segment! and the alums too! you are so cute. i haven't seen your stuff in target here in surprise yet but i will definately be looking for it now. thanks for the inspiration.


heidi....you looked so chic! loved the albums. Looking forward to all your future post. Loving your lo's posted cause it shows me how I can use your products. Thanks


Awesome Heidi! I love the album ideas. And your segment was great!


Wow, love the books, ideas and your little mini poncho is adorable. I really want your hair! I love how you do it. Thanks for all the inspiration you give. :D


LOving the projects darl.. all TOO cute!!!
Esp the beautiful hand done page in the Advent scrapbook.:)
Just DARLING!!!!


What a great segment. Thanks for sharing it. LOVE that santa album.


I watched the clip and loved the traditions scrapbook. This will be my first Christmas being married so I'm thinking this will be something cool to make and keep. Thanks for the great idea!


AAAAaaaahhhhh! I love these ideas, Heidi!! Which one to choose??? Gettin' me excited...

sarah green

Love the album ideas I'm going to steal the advent one... too cool, off to look at that website now and then CREATE!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!!


Congrats on your TV apprearance, how cool! Love the ideas you presented, fantastic as always. Now it's over & you can relax, at least for a short while! Can't wait to see your tree. Happy holidays!


I just visited the Sonoran Living website! I absolutely loved the albums & the ideas! I will definitely be creating an advent scrapbook, as these are some of the things my family already does!! By the way, your outfit was just too cute! As always, thanks for the great ideas!

Linda A (elendae)

Loved all three of your projects (wish we could have seen the first one in more detail!) Wonderful ideas! Congrats on your tv appearance - you looked mah-velous!!

Looking forward to your PINK trees! My girls are going to love to see them. We saw a pink Barbie tree in a store last year, and they were so sad when I didn't buy it. In retrospect, I sure wish I had!


I love the albums and I enjoyed watching your segment on Sonoran Living. Was it me or did that lady constantly interrupt you??? You looked great! :)

heidi larsen

live tv freaks me out too. i have only been on once. good things utah. i didn't think that i would be nervous at all until the cameras were on me and i saw the red lights. ahhhh! let's just say i don't look forward to ever doing it again. you never know though. i am just about to watch your segment. good job!!! you are a natural. really. good ideas too!


hi heidi- just watched your segment. it was great. love the ideas. today i will start our family book as well. one of the traditions i have been doing w/my family is getting together w/all of the ladies in my family and we start making the tameles for christmas day. can't wake to take my camera and get snapshots of this. you are a true inspiration.

thank you

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