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I am really enjoying your New York album - it is even (maybe) inspiring me to start scrapbooking my own photos of New York... taken in 1996 (ouch!). Love the colour combos you're using - AND love the one-page LO's! Can't wait to see more!


this album will be such a treasure to look back on. loving watch it unfold.


Love the pages, and I taped Apprentice tonight, too. :)


I am so glad to see that your album is not all tied together by anything other than what you are feeling at the time of the scrapping! This is what ALWAYS holds me back, I feel as though I should have one set theme, or all LOs should be 2 pagers...etc...
Anyhow, thanks for the "permission" to go with the flow!!


wow love what you made and also wanted to share that I bought your foamstamps yesterday and they soooooooooooooo totally rock!!!! And the case that there in with the tabs are just so handy, thanks for making it!!!



very cool Heidi ... you certainly have lived up to your plan, and once again are challenging me to think outside of the square - love the paper bag idea!


Great pages, love them! As always they give me such great inspiration. Love how you used the paper bag and brown tissue paper. So great!


You have so much spunk and creative juices flowing that I wish you could bottle up a little bit of that and sell it. I would love it in a spray so that I could spritz some on when I sit down to work on stuff. I bet you'd even have a swank design for the bottle! You are fun to read, glean ideas from and I hope to start mixing in a little bit of your style to my "clean design" in my home. Thanks for sharing your funk with the rest of us.


OK Heidi, where did you get that black/brown CUTE sweater with the pink flowers?

melissa deakin (momteacherwriter)

love these layouts so much!
fabulous photos
and i am in awe of the
tissue flowers--so cool!
creativity must just ooze from
your pores...you are a constant

melissa deakin (momteacherwriter)

hope that creativity
comment didn't sound
too weird...hope you
know what i meant. :)


hey! i have that same brown j crew sweater! marvelous taste, darling.
lovin' watch this album grow.
we used to have bendel in chicago. sigh.


i am loving your layouts from nyc, as always they are wonderful and inspiring. i can't wait to get my hands on your new product. when i saw the tissue paper "flowers" i just shook my head! i swear that was my "texture" idea for the hof assignment that I never completed...i wouldn't have thought to add the jewels, but a similar idea nonetheless!
i am with jody...bottle up some of that creativity! just put in some distilled water, package it up cute and you know we will all snatch it right up!

sarah green

Once again you amaze me!! It's so great watching this album come together and getting totally inspired by your work - just wish your talent could magically come through the computer and I'd be away laughing!!!

Deb Munn

Henri Bendel... how I love that store! I actually worked in the Boston location at the MAC counter... it closed in 1998 :( Broke my heart. All the employees in the cosmetics department balled like babies on that last day. Your layout brings back a lot of the great memories I have from "back in the day". Thank you for reviving them for me!


WOW. (that's all I can say!) =)

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