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Thanks so much Heidi for sharing all these layouts. Loving those journaling spots too.

LT in NJ

wow, you're crankin' em out! Love them all and am especially lovin the pink flower paper and jewel and chippie cirle embellishments. My gf picked me up some mini cans of hot pink and espresso krylon, I got my masks in the mail and I'm ready to spray...thanks for the inspiration.


You're on a creative roll, Girl! TFS all of your lovely layouts with us, I always love seeing your work. Hope you are having a lovely Thanksgiving weekend.

Wanda E. Santiago

These are awesome beautiful what can I say, I love them! Keep creating! Hugs Wanda


wow .... You are certainly a woman on a mission - go girl! once again its all gorgous!


Wow, you are kickin' out these NYC layouts! So much fun!! Don't you love it when you're on a roll...


Thanks for the inspiration--- love your style! I'm loving the pink flower paper and the accents you added. I'm hoping that the paper line won't be in LIMITED supply-- but we will see it in stores soon?!

Shelley Rankin

your layouts are so inspiring. NOw I just wish I could even come close to your writing! Mine is soooo bad. Love seeing your pages here. Thanks for sharing!

heidi larsen

amazing layouts heidi! you are so good at expressing yourself and having your ideas materialize! you are an inspiration to us all!


Good grief girl you are on a role, that does it, I'm sending you my stack Disney pictures! :) The layouts are AMAZING, and that is the CUTEST little baby!


Wonderful pages...great design and just everything about them is great....

Talk about being on a role....can you send me some of that inspiration????


I love your NY layouts, Heidi! You are so inspiring - I bought some of your tapes, ghost letters, and the vine mask this weekend. Thank you for sharing your talents!


your 2nd LO really made me smile. family means the very most in life, and it is great to see that you have reconnected with one.
Love the LOs that you have done in the past few days. Keep up the good work!!


Lookin' good girl! Love seeing all the Heidi layouts! Don't see enough of them out in the world anymore and this has been GREAT!


great great stuff. and your cousin is so beautiful - so happy for you to have reconnected.

sarah green

Wow!! You are so inspiring I think that might be my New Year resolution to do a layout a day... I love your layouts that are beautiful... thanks for sharing and the inspiration!!


Loving all of this inspiration Heidi! You go girl!


You are totally inspiring me to A: get crackin' on some layouts and B: HURRY back to NY... all of your photos are *killing* me!!! :)

Steph (karlslove)

You are so on a roll woman!

Okay I have to tell you...I've been on the hunt for Crazy Life...couldn't find it anywhere in Michigan (I look on all our trips!) so I was totally bummed UNTIL I went to VA for Thanksgiving and found it there!!

Well you know I totally stocked up, bought everything they had! And packed it up in my suitcase....which because of weather issues is now stuck in Minneapolis until the end of the week! Darn it!!! My creative bug will have to wait!

Heather D. White

Love the new layouts Heidi...as always, they are fantastic!!

Katie Harris

Don't you just love how you can find inspiration everywhere?!?

: )


I love these. I need to try angling my pics like that.


Love all these NYC pages! Great stuff, and you are inspiring me to go out today and find new inspiration! =)


Wow - such production! I went away for a week's vacation and came back to not only some nice blogging, but mega LO's. TFS all that goes into the process for you -- it's fun to hear how other's think/work on things/work things out! Great LO's!

Rebecca Cooper

I just love your work Heidi! So amazing!
(just had to tell you that!)


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