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what a beautiful daughter you have heidi. gorgeous LO as always.


a couple of quick ???
May be obvious to a gal after morming coffee,
what does the "M" stand for.

also, wherEVER can you (aka ME) get the silhoutte flowers?

Too cute


Great layout. Can't wait to get my hands om those shilouettes!! They look pretty darn cool!

Teri Fode

Okay...I'm taking "sneak into bed" to mean exactly that!!! LOL!!! wink wink.

Love the layout...


Teri Fode

ps...you've been tagged...list is on my blog! :)



What a fun, fun, layout!
My LSS just got a huge shipment with your new stuff...and I went crazy and got *everything*, one item of everything! I simply couldn't decide which kind of item of each new thing to get so I just got them all. Now I can't wait to go scrapbooking with all the new goodies!


This page is AWESOME, Heidi!! So fun, I loooove those flowers....I, too, just a bought a BUNCH of your new stuff from my lss...can's wait to use my "she" letters. You're makin' me wat to scrap!


LOVE the layout. gorgeous as always.:)
NEEED your new stuff here baby!
Cant wait to get my hands on it all those flowers are of course .. divine.:)))

Love to you


yup! I just love stopping by here and seeing a layout!! Awesome as always... gotta find those flowers!!! totally NEED (not want) them!

melissa deakin (momteacherwriter)

you are just amazing!
love this layout--the
flowers are so cool
and i love all the jewels!


This page is amazing, but then all your pages are. Love it!


Hey girlie - darling LO - can't see it clearly when I enlarge so email it to me -- just darling! Makes me want to hit my scrap table -- I hate when I have the urge but then not the time. It's "star lighting" night here in Castle Rock - big downtown event! (Love the small town feel here!) Now its off to a neighbors for post-star lighting hot beverages! Chat soon!


re the very first comment here from me: my apologies heidi if this isn't your daughter. i just realised her name starts with a "q" not an "m" so i could be a bit confused!


Love the LO, especially the jewels (they're my absolute favorite)! And, I can't wait for the silhouette flowers! Ah, to be so lucky to get first dibs on everything :) !! Hope you get some rest!



What a beautiful layout this is! I love how you described seeing it in your pile of stuff laying there. Someone told me when layouts come together like that it's called a "flopportunity". Gotta love when that happens!
ps - a girl can never have too many jewels!


That is awesome! Can't wait to get my hands on some of those silhouettes!!! LOVE when a page happens because the right stuff is just there. =)


Don't you love when that happens? Just once in a blue moon for me, but oh so exciting when it does! Thanks for sharing the process AND result!


Gorgeous! And I am so jealous; I got my stash out today, all over the bed (I don't have a scraproom) and looked at it, looked at some photos, and really didn't feel inspired at all. I just can't do it at the moment. Then I tried some Christmas cards, and it was worse! So, instead, I am going to do some Photoshop layouts this week, to at least tap into some of my creative juices.... Keep showing us yours :)


VERy cool!


I love it ... very cool, thanks for sharing your ideas


The LO is really very simple and beautiful. But wow if this is Q, she has really grown much faster than I've been noticing (big girl teeth?!). Seems like a diff. child to me....

Helle Greer (pink latte)

Great layout!!!
I Got to get my little hands on some of those siloettes, the are AWSOME...


sarah green

Gorgeous layout as usual!!! The silouette flowers are awesome - I am waiting for a parcel to arrive from U.S with your new range - I hope they are in there!!

Wanda E. Santiago

Hey beautiful love the layout love your stuff you know that. I want those flowers I really do. Hugs Wanda

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