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I haven't checked in on ya in several days Heidi!!! You've been busy!!! Loving the NYC layouts!!! Just yummy!!!!


Gorgeous - i love your work!


Breathtaking, both the picture and the layout!

LT in NJ

loving the color combo! and since it's Thanksgiving, thanks for your continued optimism and inspiration...have a wonderful holiday!


Happy Thanksgiving! =) LOVE that page. What a stunning dress and what cool colored manequins! (it's givin' me ideas!)

nancy b.

happy turkey day everyone- yum yum, stuffing's coming

some (prob dumb) ???

...what is "range"?...did you 'make' the pink paper with masks & paint?...do you have a special ziggyzag sew mach feature, or do you just flip the paper around manually a 1000 times?...do you use photoshop (or some other program) to print on photos? (dra mat ic)...everyone prob knows this stuff but me...

Oh well, time to put turkeytom in oven.

bye, thanks...

oh, another ?...i just previewed this and the time posted is wacky. it's really 9 am in ks.


Gorgeous!! Love the color combo...and I was bummed about Martha last night, too...it's my Wednesday night show!! Happy Thanksgiving!


Love the lo! It is beautiful! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving...your yams sound so yummy. They are my favorite part of a turkey dinner!


Heidi can you do some of my NYC photos? I have not even printed them from the computer yet so you are ahead of me! I was bummed to read,in that great literary souce, US Magazine, that Martha's Apprentice is not coming back after this season. Bummer huh? I love Martha,ankle bracelet and all. By the way my goal is also to live in NYC sometime in my life.Total land of inspiration.
Have a great Turkey Day. I didn't make my rolls this year either.

sarah green

Loved the layout... again... is the pink patterned paper a scenic route one as well - loved it - yes we do here in NZ call the paper "dotty" and part of a "range" - hope doing all these wonderful layouts aren't making you "knackered"!!! LOL (remember)


LOvin the dotty!! That photo is AWESOME baby!
Just gorgeous and effortless as always
Happy thanksgiving to you and yours Sweetie.
We are thankful for YOU.. oh and chocolate.:)


You are on a roll girl! Go!Go! Go!!!

Barbi M

Heidi, love all your NYC layouts! Also, don't stress over the rolls, I am sure Martha has bought some things before! LOL Would love to have the yam and apple recipe, sounds delicious!


Totally cool stuff. :) I need some of those alpha stickers!!!

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