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sarah green

Love the gingerbread houses... looks like you had a great night! We do the gingerbread thing here too, its one of my favourite christmas things to do with the kids - sounds like the dog enjoyed the party too!!!


I'm lovin' the pink tree on your front door.....I'm sure everyone knows which house is Miss Heidi's!!


OHHHH NO!!!! The kids must be soo upset especially after their hard work. They looked lovely. We have the same tradition here in Austraila cant wait to do mine next week. I love Quincy's Apron...

LauraT in NJ

We must be on the same vibe - did our gingerbread houses on Friday (snow day!) and saw Narnia on Sunday...our church group discussed over pizza and my favorite theological parallel was when Susan and Lucy stayed with Aslan after the trauma event -don't want to give too much away ;)
ps-love em's trees!


Nice houses! What I want to know is where you got those pink trays that you put all of the candies in :) They are cute! Love all of your pink Christmas trees as well.



This thanksgiving we had a gingerbread house contest. The family divided up into teams, set a budget, went and bought supplies, then all went into seperate rooms to build our masterpieces. We had such a good time, I was wowed by my family's creativity, but oh what a mess it was to construct these masterpieces, and the event took place in my house. But it is a memory I will have forever, and a scrapbook page I can't wait to create!!!


Love the gingerbread houses! Haven't gotten around to doing that ~ YET! I'm just starting to get into the mood to bake, BUT, then, I'll start eating!! Quincy looks so cute next to her gingerbread creation! I would love to see Narnia, but I don't think I could convince my hubby to watch the girls for 3 hours (he, however, went to see it). I'll just have to wait for it to come out on video.. I read all of the books in the series (I think there's 8 of them) AT LEAST ten times EACH during my teenage years (eons & eons ago), so I am interested to see how it is on the big screen!

Sounds like you are having so much fun! Where do you find the time?

By the way, Sydnie & I have been working on our Christmas tree ornaments! She absolutely loves her pink tree!! She loves it so much that it never made it into the playroom; it is currently sitting in my living room across from our big tree! My girl is too funny!


I only txted my sister this morning asking her for a gingerbread house recipe - I will have to see if there are kits we can buy here, sounds alot easier too! They look gorgeous ... and the kids look very proud of their work. The movie isn't out here yet, but will have to check it out when it gets here, good to hear a review.


I so love your pink trees! And putting one on the front door is such clever idea! I also loved your gingerbread houses...sooo cute! What great pictures you took!


I just had my eye on those Gingerbread Houses at Michael's yesterday.....sounds like you guys had so much fun....thanks for the movie update...Alyssa keeps saying she wants to watch it, I was hoping you would post your feelings on it! Oh and one last thing, that pink tree on your front door is way to stinkin' cute! Hope you have a great day! :)


I just bought the kits at Target (They have a train kit, too). DS#1 is not so interested in crafts but DS#2, I hope, will enjoy it.

Thanks for reminding me about the dog. grrrr!


My dd is dying to make gingerbread houses. Guess I better run out and buy some kits. Thanks for the reminder. BTW, love the PINK!!!

heidi larsen

how fun! you are a great mom! i feel the same way about play dough and messy projects, but-!! what can you do? we actually have the biggest sand box i have ever seen in our backyard, my worst nightmare, but my girls have so much fun in it! you are only a kid once, right? glad to hear that narnia was worth seeing. i have been looking forward to seeing it and now we definitely will! thanks heidi! i love your blog!

heidi larsen

one more thing! i bought a few packages of your huge flowers. they rock! love them. also bought some small flower jewels. they are great too! we have a heidi swapp section at my local scrapbook store, all my memories, and i always am buying your stuff.

Wanda E. Santiago

Beautiful and awesome all I have to say!! Hugs Wanda


Hey girl, another thing I can totally relate to .. Hate the play dough!! LOLOL
Love the idea of a kit for the GB houses, making a mental note re the dog. I cant get over how big the kids are!! the boys have grown so much! and Quincy is such a little girl now.. no bubby face there anymore!
Loving the pink Heidi tree. too cute!!


my lord, even your kids have creativity to burn!! Must be genetic!!

Lovely Cee

totally loving the wilton kit too- makes it easier to have fun making those than baking your very own gingerbread house- you know? and Narnia- we watched it and i was personally captivated with the Lion- he looked so real. and my 10 year old girl had read the series that she was like "oh i know what's gonna happen..." or "i knew it!" the whole time we watched it. imagination... you know. AND i loooooooooove your christmas forrest!!! i showed my husband the forrest photos and said we have to consider having one next year- even just once.


So sorry to hear the houses were attacked... but looks like it was a lot of fun! =)

missy s

okay PLEASE!!! let me know how you got the house to stay together? did you wait the whole 2 hours? my kids could not wait and the whole thing fell apart in a few minutes! lol


I love reading your blog and I would be sooo happy if you'd activate rss so that it woud be possible to read in news feeders :-)


I'm just lovin' the pink Christmas!! Being the only female in the house...I don't think I could safely pull that off (and have them join me on Christmas morning!), but I'm enjoying living vicariously through your beautiful pink forest!


Not sure what's up with Typepad but I wish I could see the photos!

Going to Narnia this weekend and can't wait! All these rave reviews are getting me soooo excited!

Hey - if I don't catch up on your blog before next week, have a SUPER FANTASTIC MERRY CHRISTMAS!



Ladies and Gentlemen...I think Heidi Swapp has left the building, or the gingerbread house.


After reading your post I thought what a fun thing to do with my daughter. I started searching high and low for a kit. Didn't think I would find on here in Sydney but did. We all had such a great time decorating it. Thanks for the inspiration. By the way my cat has eaten some of the little people as well and has attempted to eat the gingerbread.

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