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Heather D. White

What fun pictures. All of the grandkids...my little guy included....made gingerbread houses at Oma's a few weeks ago. She purchased her kits at Costco and they were awesome. BTW...had a "foam stamp" emergency the other night and your FOAM STAMPS saved my tail. I had a deadline and your stamps were the only ones I could find at the last minute. I'm so glad! I am in love with them. I used the diamonds and drama...and they are AWESOME!!! Bought the dots too..just in case. LOVE that they are on acrylic sheets...very snazzy! Thanks for thinking em up!!


check out those awesome gingerbread houses!
gotta love that!!!!
and the pink tree just makes me love your style all the more!


That is such a great idea/use for the compartment trays. :: filing away for next Christmas::


The gingerbread story is too funny. Reminds me of the year we went all out and made some here. (It was my childhood fantasy to make some just like on the front of Good Housekeeping magazine!) We made several and they were so cute. My daughter was in 2nd grade and we were going to take one to her teacher. She was carrying it out to the car and slipped on the wet garage floor. CRASH!! Million pieces. The dog enjoyed cleaning it up and she was not hurt! Haven't made them since!
Merry Christmas!!

Rori Koch

Merry Christmas girl!!! So sad about the gingerbread houses:(! Sorry to hear that. But did have to giggle! I have a dog who also likes to get at thins,lol.
One of the kids' gifts I guess had chocolates in with the bigger gift...well our dog smelled them. When we all left for work/school she got into them. Not good. Dogs and chocolates that is.
Hopefully the kids were not too bummed?
Have a wonderful day chicky;)

Christine Adolph


I so enjoyed reading your blog. I can fully relate to you! My girls loved the gingerbread house entry!I have been looking for a way to email you... you are one of my most favorite scrapbook product designer. Keep it up!

Happy New Year,
Christine Adolph

Michelle Gustin

I am a beginning scrapbooker--if there really is such a thing--but I just wanted to tell you that I stumbled onto all of your stuff and I love everything I see. I can't wait until the main website is back up and running!! Thanks so much for sharing all your art!!


We loved it too. We took our little ones, they are 6, 5, 3, and 7 months and we all had a blast. It was just such a wonderful movie. Dh and I even got the sound track, it surprised me, we never buy movie sound tracks.

Lisa Russell

We thought Narnia was great as well. My 8 year old was scared, but at the end she said, "that was a great movie, mom". lol Baby stayed home with big brother. Congrats to you in AUGUST ;-)

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