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How could anyone not like pink? (LOL)

This turned out great! Hope the movie is really good too. Have a great weekend!!!


I'm totally digging the whole "forest" idea, just wish I had a space big enough to to that!! Ah well, I'll just enjoy your's. I totally remember those signs from Target, so so cute. Hope you guys enjoy Narnia, I've heard good things about it.


It turned out FAB-UE-LUS lady!
I wish I was able to help you, I found a couple of cans of hot pink, but decided to go with more of a bubblegum pink for my festive treats! Looks great- oh I said that already (!)


how cute is that!? what a creative use of all of the different signs! did you make the word garland yourself? i have to have that! :) as always...thanks for the inspiration!


Goodness, the forest turned out very nice. I love the signs and is the star hanging from the ceiling? How neat!! Love that idea. And I love Emily's window treatments!


Oh I love the xmas forests! Very cool! And Em looks beautiful in that photo!


Dang! You have inspired me to put up our tress after them sitting in the garage for 2 years. I have to admit, I am not a pink fan (not that there is anything WRONG with it) and having 2 boys I think I might go for more masculine colors. ;-)


These are so stinkin cute!


Very cute...love those signs in the trees!!!! That's a great picture of Emily too!


I love the whole forest thing....and well the "pink" just goes without saying doesn't it???

Took my kids to see Narnia today, they loved it!!!
Some of the scenery is very recognisable ;o)

sarah green

What's not to love about pink.. I found the cutest pink bud lights at the weekend and the most glitzy pink balls to hang on the tree.. looks like it might be a worldwide "girl power" christmas!!!

Shawni & Jason

That is soo soo adorable! I bet Emily just LOVES it and it makes it look so FESTIVE in there! TOO CUTE and do share the details on Narnia... I want to take my kids but was afraid it might scare them too!


very cool xmas forest!!! is there anything you can't make look super cool? lol... you'll have to tell us how narnia is, i can't wait to see it.

Dee Sutton

This is beautiful.
Please share details on the Narnia movie Heidi, its due out here on Boxing Day, and I so want to take the kids (although mine are a little older than yours), I dont want to freak them out!



Looks great.


How cute...love the signs....


I love both forests, beautiful!

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