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Melissa H

how beautiful!!! now i know that you really musn't ever sleep!! haha!!


ha! Pink and boys! It's a tough combination to get them to swallow! Good luck convincing him! ;)

~sharon (Walka-Mowlie)

you are just too, too cute! I loved the pink themed dinner party. It was gorgeous. And now this! So creative, so cute, sooo You! ;-)

And always, Thanks for the inspiration!

Can't wait to see photos of the whole set up.....the Pink Wonderland! LOL

sarah green

Very cool... how does your brain switch off at night.. or does it??? I love the pink tree I saw one in a shop window here and am thinking very seriously about it... however that would make 6 trees for me.. maybe a bit of overkill!!!


Love them all .... i am still fired up after seeing your show and great ideas, i just wish there was more time in the day


I really like them heidi!!! The ornaments look great...gotta get me some of those fuzzy rubons!!!

Holly McCaig

I'm jealous of your pink tree? I haven't been able to find one that I love yet! Looking everywhere!


your pink wonderland is going to look great! can't wait to see more pics when you are finished!


I am enjoying your pink tree! And I love the ornaments.

Janet O

FUZZY RUBONS? Oh my heck. I need some NOW. That ornament is beyond cool (well, they all are, but that one grabbed me) Are they out yet? Gotta search.


Love the pink trees! Have to admit, since you posted the pictures, I have visited Urban Outfitters online & purchasd a 3-foot pink tree (I really wanted the lime green one, but my 3-year-old daughter INSISTED on the PINK tree)! She & I compromised though; we purchased the green lights for our tree! Yeah! Can't wait for it to arrive, so we can decorate the play room!! Colton is too funny! I can only imagine the "despair" in his eyes when he looks upon the pink trees! Poor kid, his mother takes PINK to a whole new extreme (LOL)!

Shawni & Jason

So stinking CUTE!! I love your ornaments, those are so much fun! (Totally jealous of your pink living room also.. just FYI)


Oh my, pink trees! I love your ornaments. Now I've got to get some of those clear glass ornaments to decorate. I always love reading your blog. Thanks for the inspiration.


Lovin' the pink!!


hey girl!!! FUZZY RUB ONS????????????????
OOOOOOHHHHHH How COOOOOOOOOOL! I adore your rub ons as you know lol, but fuzzy too????
Be still my beating heart!!!!!!!
LOving the trees and the decortations!!!
Too cute and oh so YOU!!!!


Heidi I have one small request! Will you please, please, please post your infamous holiday card that you are sending out this year. I'm anxious to see what brilliant idea you come up with!!!!!!!!!


this pink christmas idea ROCKS! I LOVE IT!! I'm gonna hafta steal some of these rockin ideas!


It's all very cute - love the variety of ideas you used. But I think your husband is just IN LOVE and enraptured with all you do. so glad for you that he's such a supportive, open-minded, flexible kinda guy!


Heidi, I totally love all the ornaments you made. TO COOL! I have a pink tree as well, my mom and I made ornaments too. I can't wait to see pics of the finished tree. I LOVE PINK!!! oh, thank you for the much needed lip shine.


Seriously dude - you are the queen of pink. Love that you have pink trees.

Linda A (elendae)

How cool are those ornaments?? Wow!! Lovin' the fuzzy iron ons!!!

Heather D. White

Very cool and unique! Love it Heidi!


So much pink. LOVE IT! So cool you are making ornaments. Great stuff. =)


Too flippin cute!!

Lori Hudson

A colorful Christmas forest. Awesome!

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