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That beach looks so nice and inviting. I bet you had a blast!


love that authentic stuff...


oh i am sooooo jealous of you as i sit here in dreary nyc!


Great photos. Looks like you had a great time.

Kim Mattina

Loving that you found REAL tacos! Those just look so danged yummy!!!! Sounds like you all had a great time! :) Looking forward to your release at CHA...see you there! :)



O wow, I just want to share some of that beautiful sunshine. It's just so grey and dreary here in England! Glad you've had such a fab time. What a wonderful Christmas present.


Wonderful Va-kay pics. Wish i could make it to CHA this year, but alas, I cannot. Maybe next year who knows.


I'm gonna need a map to that surf shack. I'm always looking for a new adventure in Cabo! We usually go in October and stay on the Pacific side. You're making me miss the shrimp coctail and guacamole, not to mention the pool and ocean! Try out Margaritavilla while you're there...good food, next to the marina!

See ya at CHA...


I still think 534 is great number!! Can't wait to see what you pull out at CHA!!

Martha Bravo

Hey Heidi
I am so glad you enjoyed your vacation in Mexico, I am mexican so I love when people like the wonderful places we have
Cabo is amazing great choice!

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WOW! beautiful pics. Nice.

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