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I am so jealous! I am freezing right now! LOL!! Have fun and don't drink the water!!:)


so jealous of you!!! hope you're having a wonderful relaxing time:)


lucky dog. hey i am reading sheri dew right now too... the book's better than the title...lol


ok...that bed in the sun looks absolutely HEAVELY!! hope you have a beautiful day~jill


Wow- I so wish I was there right now! I am in serious need of a vacation. Have so much fun and keep the pic's coming!

Natalie Tran

Heidi.. looks beautiful.. is that the La Estancia Resort? We were just in Cabo last summer at the La Estancia Resort and those photos look so familiar... just curious!! Have fun & CONGRATS on the baby.....


Erika Hayes

of course you deserve it... I know I do... youre a girl.. that make you deserve it right there! YOU just relax... and N-JOY!


girl, you do DESERVE this.....in more ways than one. Just enjoy it while you can, cause soon enough it will be back to the "REAL" world and CHA maddness!

Ya know ya could have come down here thou, its like 95-110F most days...LOL



Hey girlfriend! Good for you, and what's all this "deserve" talk -- you most certainly deserve one on one time with your honey and a little slice of paradise while you're at it! Enjoy and have a GREAT CHA!



Hey there! I'm so jealous! but I AM so glad you shared these photos...because it gives one hope of a brighter day! Thanks! I just LOVE CABO and I Highly recommend going to the beach restaurant called... THE OFFICE. Great food and you can be barefoot. : ) Ahhhhhh - live it up!
: )


yeah...looks horrible LOL


How fab...wish i was in paradise. I have to wait until May to exp. this! Love the photos looks os beautiful.ENJOY


if you're working hard, you should definitely have a chance at playing/relaxing hard as well!!!! have a great time and don't think too much!!

Steph (karlslove)

holy cow. Maybe if I don't look out my window at the 3 feet of snow I can pretend I'm in Cabo too???


You lucky, lucky dog you! Wowzers! It looks so warm and wonderful there! And I, back in AZ dealing with actual FREEZING temperatures this morning. Ahhh sigh - to be warm...have fun! 'Cause in just a couple of weeks - reality WILL hit! ;)

Sue Oren

Looks like Heaven!! Enjoy yourself!


You and your hubby enjoy yourself! It looks absolutely beautiful ~ and the photos are gorgeous! You lucky girl! I wish I was there! But I can't complain about the weather ~ I was wearing shorts & a T-shirt yesterday (live in FL)! Live it up girl!!

Katie Harris

Looks like you are in paradise! Enjoy your vacation and congrats on being pregnant. I saw Sheri Drew's book and have been thinking of picking it up, let us all know how it finally turns out : )

Wanda E. Santiago

Hey beautiful you deserve that and more! Hugs Wanda


Oh, wow. That looks like bliss. Of course you deserve it. With your schedule it is good that you take some time just to have fun and relax. Enjoy it when you can!


Those pictures are AMAZING! I am really happy that you can relax and recharge, especially with your hubby. You deserve it! Thanks for posting - now I gotta plan a trip...

Heather D. White

Oh my crud...as I sit here in FREEZING Utah, I am seriously jealous. Have a wonderful time!


You deserve every stinking minute Heidi! Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy! Looks like heaven!

Tracy L

Wow, I am so jealous! Enjoy yourself!


Oh gosh, Mi Casa has the absolute best Sea Bass I've ever eaten. That is my favorite meal I've ever had.

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