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Girl, don't stress! Everything will be wonderful! And, I'm sure I (we) will absolutely LOVE everything! I can totally relate to the "everything not fitting" dilemma. At least you have an excuse ~ you're pregnant! I still have to drop my weight from being pregnant over a year ago!! Have fun, and everything will turn out fantastic!! Can't wait to see the pictures!!!! Yeah!

Debbie Cook

hey heidi! no worries. you know you'll do great! i think i speak for all scrapbook addicts out here...your stuff rocks! imaginative, inspiring and best of all, useful! can't wait to see what's new and how the booth looks. wow, how i wish i could go! have a blast :)debbie


Oh, no! I'm on the way out the door to get my hair cut, wanting something different since I'm pregnant and feeling so "yucky". Have fun, can't wait to see - take lots of pics!


Despite the unknowns what an exciting time. Inspirational too. You have a great idea and a talent and you go for it. Everyone with a dream should be so bold. Good Luck on the show.

Karalynn Tyler

I can empathise completely about the snug wardrobe. I'm 15 weeks along today and my tummy has seriously popped. I bought a few maternity items, but it seems like such a waste of money when I know in a few weeks I'll need more clothes. Things that fit me fine last week make me feel like a stuffed sausage now. So I stick to big bulky things that just aren't cute or flattering. And I also relate with the haircut. I read in one of my pregnancy books to not cut your hair too drastically when you're pregnant. Sadly, I read it after my trip to the salon. I'm sure CHA will go well! Have fun! Can't wait to see your new stuff!


You will be fine! Have fun and can't wait to see your booth. I know it will be cool and fun. I can relate with the clothes issues after having two pregnancies. I think the first trimester is the worse because it is when no one can tell your pregnant but you feel it ine clothes. Can't wait until tomorrow

sarah h.

Good luck! I'm sure you'll be great! Try to sit and eat occaisionally!!!!


Breathe and be the fabulous self you are. I can't wait to see your new goodies and pictures from your booth. I love how your website is evolving and the 2006 ad links. I am still collecting from your first three releases! Oh, if it was only easier to get my hands on your stuff! It's worth the search, though. Keep the good stuff coming!


You will do fine. Your one of the nicest persons I have ever met. Your booth rocked at last winer CHA. I can't imagine your stuff not going well. Especially with all the hs lovers out there. I know I am one your biggest fans. Just take care of yourself.


you are KILLING ME! MUST SEE NOW! hehe...i know it will all be fabulous! :)


Good luck during the show! I'm so jealous that I can't go. Only live an hour away. :( Can't wait to see your new stuff!

Tammy Brownlee

Oh I can't wait to see you in Vegas! You are on my list of must see booths!!! You are certainly right about the hair thing.....just got mine done today...leave tomorrow for CHA...and man did they screw my hair up bad!!! AARRRHHH...oh well c'est la vie!

Kim Archer

Good luck with the show. Can't wait to see your new stuff!!! And ENJOY yourself!!



WOW - I am so sad that I am not going to be there - your booth and products are fantastic! Have fun and don't over do it!

Sue Oren

Can't wait to see your new goodies Heidi!!


can't wait to see the pics of your new stuff!
hope the show goes well!
Have fun!


Cannot wait for the pictures from your show! I am sure everything will go well for you, Heidi!


your nerves although tough on you,are actually very sweet! Sounds weird right?
but it is because you really CARE about what you do. That is what counts-that is what we (i) love! so go ahead and worry because that is why your stuff is so amazing! but remember to also ENJOY!

heidi larsen

have fun at cha! i still love reading your blog. you are so active and busy and your pregnant on top of it all! you make me tired! :]. no wonder you have so much to show for yourself! congrats on your pregnancy. i look forward to seeing your new cha stuff!
heidi larsen

sarah green

Can't wait to see what cool stuff your bringing out next!!! Don't worry about the waistline... I'm still waiting for my baby tummy to leave me... and it's been 10 years!!!


Good luck! Everything will turn out great!


No worries hon.. everybody LOVES you and the show will be AWESOME! See you in a few days!


Don't forget a pic of your new 'do when you are posting pics!!

Robyn W

Can't wait to see.....hope it all went well for you....and you had some fun too !


Have a totally fab time .... look forward to hearing all about it - sounds so cool! p.s. remember you are making a whole new person - that is wikid - before you know it you'll be running again and feeling wonderful! :-)

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