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Heidi....can't wait to see your booth, and you!!!! Everything is going to be perfect, I am sure of it...you always manage to knock everyone's socks off! :)I'll be there first thing in the am!!!!! YAYAY!!!!


No worries, Heidi. We are allso inlove with all that you do you needed be nervous! Can't wait to see the new product! Have fun and enjoy your success!


Oooh, can't wait to add to my Heidi collection! Seriously use your products every other page and they look different every time! I think you might be onto something here.....haha! Good luck and have fun!


Can't Wait to See what you've been up to...I'm SURE I'll have to have it all!! Good Luck at your SHOW!! Anna :)


I saw some pics of your booth and it looks GREAT!!

Now I need to know about the t-shirts....where oh where can I get one!! They ROCK!

Molli McLaws

Saw some of your new stuff on another blog (http://www.scrapetc.net/scrap_etc/) - cute cute cute! I can't imagine with your great booth and wonderful product that you'd have anything other than a fantastic show!!

Lynn Williams

Hi Heidi, I am sure your both rocked the house. Love your products. Can't wait to see those pictures.

deb munn

Oh Heidi... you did an AMAZING job!!
Your booth was amazing and your team is the best.
The catalog came out gorgeous... I did my best not to drool on it.
Got myself some crocs too (they were out of the pink at the Fashion Show Mall... I settled for the black)
Thanks for your kind words... you're too sweet!!
It was great to finally meet you :)

Rachael Giallongo

Are you kidding? Your hair looks fab, as always! You just shine, girl!

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