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Le Anne Bull

Heidi *heart the layout i would say you fuzzy letters and jewels and florals are my faves... ok like said ALL OF IT! can't wait to see what you are up to (new products) give us a peek!
Huggs Your Biggest Fan
Le Anne


I love the mask and going to get some more tomorrow! LOL about the kids getting into the spray paint.


oh my gosh!!! that is hilarious! at least it wasn't inside!!


So do you have any sneek peeks for us of what will be coming out at CHA? All your loyal blog readers are dying to know. Thanks

Lori North

Hmmm I don't think I have ever seen a mask in an LSS.. I am in Canada though, perhaps they are not here yet.. *sigh*


Love all your stuff, it'd be hard for me to pick just one. These masks are awesome too!

Debbie Cook

OH NO!!!!! it made me cringe and laugh all at the same time!!! you know, i've seen the masks online, but i didn't know you could use spray paint in a layout?!?! just plain old spray paint?!?! wow, good to know! can't wait to go play! :)debbie

Debbie Cook

OH NO!!!!! the spray paint on the all made me cringe and laugh all at the same time!!! LOVE the undies /skateboard shot...priceless!!!i didn't know you could use spray paint in a layout?!?! just plain old spray paint?!?! wow, good to know! can't wait to go play! :)debbie


Okay I thought masks were another form of sticker.... so I stuck mine to the page. Oh well, I still like it that way :)


I love the masks...one of my favorite products too! I work at the Urban Scrapbook and we were recently on a morning show demonstrating products and I got to demonstrate the masks! The projects I showed turned out great, I even used a mask on the front of my album. Love your products and can't wait for more!

michelle hill

hilarious....we left a can of spray paint out after lillies party...and a couple days later evan was like this is totally wierd but the fire hydrant down the street looks exactly like your pink you always use.....i was like ding dong....somebody stole the spray paint....so now everyday when we walk to school there is awesome hot pink fire hydrant...hilarious...just thought i would share my funny my story...:)


omg!! that is funny/sad!! poor wall!! i wonder who it could be though?!?! ;)


I love the masks. Only I can't find any in my neck of the woods. I have a few from Provo. The mask work great for pottery. I'm heading over to Color Me Mine to paint some pottery and my mask are tagging along.


rad layout! eek on the spraypaint on the wall - reminds me of the floor in your balcony. haha!

Melissa H

i love the paint on the wall, that is so cute - i just laughed out loud!!! it is so funny how they just gave themselves away!!! our mask classes at the store are very popular, the customers LOVE to see the variety of ways they can be used. i love to use textured paste when i use them. hope you're feeling well, heidi! :)


LOVE the layout so much!!!! I have to admit, I had that flame mask out for a layout of Ryan and he really squawked at me for almost using it! I think I might anyway though! LOL ;)

sarah green

LOVE the layout!!! Looks like you will have to let Quincy loose on a canvas with your masks and spray paints and hang it in her bedroom... she looks like she is turning artsy like her mum!!!!


I'm totally interested in getting/trying some of your masks... where can I buy them? do they sell them at Archiver's? I know they sell a lot of your products, but I don't remember seeing the masks. ...help from anyone would be great. thanks!! :)


Your masks are one of my favs!


Heidi...Lyn Dwyer here(author of "The Twelve Days 'Til Heidi")Melbourne, AUSTRALIA.
I like the versatility of the masks and I think I need to get some more. Love the flowers......


laura t

just got your alpha masks and the some mini flower ones...can't wait to play. i am finally sending emily some photos from cku-a ct...there's a great shot of you, em and liz. have fun at cha!


So excitied when you have a new post! Love the layout! Your masks are great! I've used them on shopping bags that I made into gift bags-turned out very cool!

Have fun & wish I could go to cha and see all the goodies!


Sara Amuso

Heidi, I LOVE your masks! I have found three different ones so far...SEE YOU AT CHA!



No way!!! That's one of those things you have to make yourself laugh about, or you'd never stop crying! I guess it's a good excuse to freshen up the paint on the wall.... hmmm... maybe you could use some of those uber-kewl masks & have a little fun!!!

Speaking of the masks, my LSS doesn't have them yet. bummer.


I just wish I could find your stuff. I have checked all sorts of places and I have the hardest time finding the masks, the fuzzy letters, iron on letters, (I'm dying for some of those!!) and some of your foam stamps...I get so frustrated. I get sick trying to get my hands on your products. I have found some things on the ACOT, but I wish someone carried your whole line..I want it ALL...BTW--your stuff looks great!!
Keep up the inspiration.

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