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I have been known to tell the girls at my store that some amazing designer someday, such as Heidi Swapp will come out with Scrappers Spray Paint in cute little bottles......... :)


I absolutely LOVE the masks!! I went to a weekend crop a few weeks ago, and one of the layouts I finished was one where I had spray painted the paper pink! I used your new letter masks, and these are awesome! The layout turned out so COOL, and everyone was impressed that I had used plain, old fashioned spray paint.

Yes, I must admit, I probably have at least 10 cans sitting out in my garage. If I get tired of something, I'll spray paint it, and VOILA! It's something "new" again! I love that about spray paint!

I admit, I laughed when I saw the pics of the wonderful "art" on your outside wall! If it was me, I would have told Sydnie to RUN!!! Well, it could be a great excuse to repaint the outside wall :) !!


By the way, I know your daughter's name is Quincy. If it was my wall (& my daughter ~ Sydnie), then, I would have told her to RUN because I know I would have had a screaming fit right there, OUTSIDE for all my neighbors to see! Though, the elderly man, who lives across the street, would have just laughed ~ he's been there, done that! HA!

Kathleen Campos

Thanks for the plug Heidi! I absolutely LOVED working with your masks for the Scrapfriends review. They were so fun and I just felt creative when I was working with them. I was also really impressed with how reasonable the cost was. Thank you for letting us work with your awesome products! I can't wait to see what you reveal at CHA and will have to make sure I make it to your booth. :) Thanks again!


your masks are my fav thing right now!!! totally rock my world.

Have fun at the show


Wow, I am sooo excited to try your masks!!! What a cool product! I will have to look into how I can get my hands in them,oh the ideas!!!

Vicki S

This brings back memories, when I was little I got a hold of RED spray paint and painted the inside of my parents garage, including their WHITE car, the inside of the freezer and clothes dryer.

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