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CONGRATS!! So happy for you!


Congratulations!!! How exciting. What a great gift for the new year!


Congratulations!! As I sit here and type this, I myself am pregnant, due next friday-yikes, 3 girls. I have to be honest though, I am so happy for your news because I cant wait to see what layouts you come up with for baby pages. Good luck with your pregnancy!!!



Cant wait to see the layouts :)


Congratulations!!! That is super exciting news! I'm looking forward to hearing more about the pregnancy and baby- I'm also pregnant and due July 22. Enjoy this wonderful time!

Lindsay Teague

congrats Heidi!!! Hopefully I'll see you tomorrow at DM! :)



Wooo hooo!!!!!! A big congrats to you and your family. What exciting news.


Congratulations-dare I ask if you are thinking pink? LOL!

Robyn Wilkinson - Australia

Congratulations Heidi, wishing you all the best, what a great way for you to start the year........lots of love fom Australia to you & your family ! I am with Quincy on this one too !

deb munn

I wish you and your growing family lots of good health and happiness.
I'm so excited for you!!

Veronica Jennings

Congrats Heidi! I wish happiness and hope you feel better. I had morning sickness until my fifth month with both of my children (5 and 2). It was worse with my second (girl). I love babies! Be blessed


How exciting! We recently got the surprise news that we will be adding number 3 to the family at the end of July.
Ok, now I fully expect a rockin' baby line from you. hee hee


Congratulations! Wishing you a healthy, happy pregnancy!


Now we know why you didn't post for so long!!!

Congrats to you! Gotta be a girl. You like pink too much to have another boy.


Holy Toledo Heidi!!! That's awesome!!! Congrats and take care of yourself! I wish I were cruisin!!!


CONGRATULATIONS! Babies are a wonderful blessing - enjoy every minute as it does go fast. I must say go girl, as I stopped at 3! but i think its wonderful you are going for number 4. take care and look after yourself luv C


COOL! Can't wait to see the baby pages you will come up with! Congrats! and here is hoping for a healthy 9 months!


happy and healthy cheers to you and your family!


Since I've had 5, I have lots of lists of "funky baby names". If you need any suggestions- just email me! I am happy for all of you! Yeah!


Congrats to you!! babies are the perfect trend! Here's hoping you feel better soon, and wishing you a safe, healthy baby and easy delivery! : ) Take lots of pregnancy photos while you're at it, too! I think it all has to do with that pink living room you painted....hmmm....maybe you were already feelin' the baby vibe (esp. if it turns out to be a girl!)
; )


Congrats! I'm expecting an August baby too! Aug 31, which is also my 5 year old birthday. Yikes!


Congrats on the new addition.
I am sure that the whole family is excited.


Congratulations! Hope you have a healthy, happy pregnancy!


okay, so I know you have like, 50 comments already BUT, CONGRATULATIONS!!! how exciting! :) I just recently had my 2nd (2 months ago), so remembering the excitement that's felt when you see that positive test result is very fresh in my memory. :) I hope the best for you and your family over these next 9 months AND the rest of your lives. :)


Congrats Heidi to you and your family!!! How exciting! August babies are the best!! I have 3!!!

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