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cool Heidi! *off to boil some eggs....Egg salad sounds good!*


I do remember how tired you get, my littlest is only 16mths so the memories are still fresh! Its such a miracle tho, and you have to roll with all those cravings and sleeps .... make the most of it while you have the excuse - ha! will check out the website now sounds cool! you sleep well!

Peg Graham


And the cravings beginneth!

I had child #5 at 41 years old with one month to go to my 42nd birthday. (I'm now 43). My last pregnancy was also very different...it forced me to RELAX and REFLECT on everything. Enjoy this Season of your life...congrats!

QVC- it's a good thing. They picked YOU, because...you ROCK! Loved your style at MM and love it even more in your own...HS. Thanks for all you do. You are inspiring to many folks...we heart you!

super big hugs- Peg


egg salad and rasberries (tho not together, lol!) were my big cravings for 1, 2 & 3! Heard about the QVC albums on 2peas and cked out Lisa's site - I posted on my blog a few days ago that is was like a CKU-Album in your own house! Love your stuff and so happy it will be the first one we receive! Keep up with those naps!


Just checking in and congratulations!!!! =) You must be so happy. =)


Ok so I'm a couple days late in congratulating you on your Baby News!! Wishing you the best and hoping you can Relax and Revel in the experience!
Very much looking forward to the QVC-TSV and so psyched that your album is the first installment!

amy w

First: Congrats! Second: Ultra strong cravings for me meant TWINS! I didn't have strong cravings with my first pregnancy but when I was pregnant with twins the cravings were out of control! Perhaps you've got two little womb mates inside - wouldn't that be fun!

Mary L.

Hey Heidi - I agree with the above poster...intense cravings and extra tired??? Maybe it's TWINS!!!! *big huge grin* :D


Funny - I was thinking also that my being SO tired the second time around....was also TWINS!!! LOL :) Much to our surprise!! :)

nancy  in ks.

I've been drydocked without my computer for a week, and came back to find you pregnant, rumored to be TWINS! oh my!!, and creating a QVC kit during your cravings at midnight. Just a regular week in the life of Heidi. crazylife is right.

CONGRATS to ALL of you!!! Blessings galore. wow.

sarah corbett

I can't wait to see QVC! I already have it on my calendar! Thanks for chatting the other night on Croppers cottage - that was so fun! Congrats again on the happy news!


Oh man...I remember the tired days. Just rest when you can. Question for ya...how did you decorate the conversation heart boxes ???

Debi B.

Just visited Lisa's site... GREAT albums! How fun for you to help on this venture! And, yup... think you got me hooked on this one! Thanks for sharing and can't wait to see YOUR sneak peek on your album! :)


hi heidi!

oh my gosh--big CONGRATS to you and your family on the upcoming baby!! what great news-- you all must be so excited, and i can't wait to see new baby pages/products from you! :) as you wrote about lays potato chips and ranch dip, i had to laugh out loud 'cuz i'm preg. w/ my 2nd and crave ruffles chips and ranch dip--and i'm having a girl...hmmm...but i also crave an assortment of things, all very different from when i was preg w/ my son.
i'm also sooo looking forward to the qvc kit, but of all days, it airs on my due date!! the 18th!!! i joked w/ my husband that i'll be tuned in to qvc while in labor and telling the doctor to hold off on delivering so i can order the album kit!! :)
again, congratulations and enjoy every single moment of this pregnancy. even w/ all that we go through during the 9 long months it's all so worth it in the end! :)

take care!


Ahhh - cravings! Those are fun! Congrats on the QVC gig - that is FAnTABuLOUS!

And I don't think I've said - congrats on the new pending arrival. How exciting for you!

Fun cravings - I wanted chocolate ice cream and cucumbers with one of my pregnancies - it was August in AZ and I just wanted the "coolest" foods I could think of!

Lorrie Klaserner

I was thinking maybe it's twins, too!
My boys are 6.Lorrie


Yes, tired...all the time for the last two for me. Well in fairness I had my first two in my late teen's/early 20's and the last two in my 30's. The "baby" will be 2 next Sunday and I am still tired! :) Naps are a BEAUTIFUL thing!

Already have QVC listed on my calendar for that day! While I love QVC...I have been trying to "be good" on their Scrapbooking days but I MUST have LB's kit - and from HS! One of my scrap organizing boxes is just labeled "Heidi Swapp" - I LOVE, LOVE your line!

Laura Fiore

I've been craving an egg salad sandwich for two days and there's NO way I'm pregnant! Or at least I don't think there is--it would be way harder for me at 43 than it will be for you--my baby's 14! Congratulations to you and your family--I wish I would have had a few more when I was a little younger! I'm sure working on those early valentines had nothing to do with an abundance of PINK!
Have been looking everywhere to buy your big flowers and can't find them. Are they out to the public yet? Do you know who would have them online?


WOO HOO HEIDI! Congrats hon! So so many babies coming! YEAH!

OK... and I am TOTALLY getting the TSV.. you are right, it is an amazing deal!


sarah green

Just been to the site to look at the albums, how do you sign up to receive the kits, they look awesome, but we don't get QVC here in NZ???


You're feeling bring me back to my pregnancy almost three years ago next month for my TWIN boys. Ü And I didn't even know it was twins until I was almost 20 weeks along! Congrats!

Wendle Handmade

Congratulations on the pregnancy Heidi, how wonderfu!! I have a five year gap between my two children, it was lovely to have a baby all to myself while the older one was at school and the children have a fantastic relationship now (DD14 and DS9).
I say "enjoy the delicious naps while you can", or do you feel they take up time you could use to make the world pretty?
I just checked out the album, how fab-u-lous. I'm sulking now because we don't get QVC in Oz - boo hoo!
Love Wendy T

Tracey B

I rermember feeling exactly the same tiredness with both my kids. I only felt really tired for a couple of weeks and then it eased up. Congratulations!

Crystal Folgmann

Hey there Heidi!

Just came upon your blog and noticed this! Wow congratulations on your new baby coming! And thanks for the kind words about the TSV. I did the website and am glad you like it. Yes, all the TSV stuff is such a great value! The quality is awsome (because it's all your stuff. : ) Really, congrats and I hope it does well.

Crystal (your DWTextures partner in UT)

sarah green

My cravings were always fresh pineapple... love, love love it. Every day I would buy a fresh one and over the day eat the lot, tasted great until the tongue swelled up!!!! The kit sounds great... do they post overseas or is it just to the states??? Would definitely buy if you could send to NZ???

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