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Fran Angelo

Much to my surprise I walked into an AC Moore yesterday and right there smack in the middle of the busiest aisle was a nice assortment of HS products. Love it all...the flowers are amazing and sooooo affordable. I just had to stop at another AC Moore on my way home. Good Luck as you venture out into the "big" craft stores - i'm sure you will do great! bummed, i didn't win the goodies bag though..

Debbie Cook

wow, congratulations, sarah!!! although, i must admit to a little jealousy!!! c'mon, heidi, i KNOW you have more "junk" sitting around...don'tcha?!?!? :):)debbie

Erika Hayes

CONGRATS! Sarah! *doing a little happy dance for ya*
I am however.....
Green with envy!!! I was hoping when I saw I was first that I would be the lucky 1st guess and you wouldnt have to go thru all those emails... WHEW lots of answers!

Have a great day

Alexandra Wieckowski

Wowie, wow, wow!!! Sarah you are one lucky girl!!!


Way to Go Sarah! Another Xmas!!! Thanks Heidi that was great fun!!


Way to Go Sarah! Another Xmas!!! Thanks Heidi that was great fun!!


Cool, what a brilliant idea. I might have to clear out my scrap room and send all my spare stuff. I might need a lorry to deliver it though, and mine would be really old and naff, nothing as exciting as yours. Well done Sarah.


Congrat's Sarah. Heidi thats so generous of you!


Yay to Sarah for winning!

Dianne Nelson

THAT'S MY BIRTHDAY TOO! I don't meet a lot of people who share my birthday! So Cool!

I wonder who's older....tee-hee!


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