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Michelle Gustin

24 rocks!!! Four hours two days in a row on Sunday and Monday!!! Love me some Jack Bauer!!!!

Debi B.

Hey, cool... one of your favorite vacation spots is my hometown! If you ever come back to Newport Beach, just LMK... I'll meet ya at the airport, if I need to! haha

Annette Hymers

I knew there was a reason why we Canadians love you...you lived here. Hooray for Heidi...lol :)

Wanda E. Santiago

Hey Beautiful just wanted to stop by and say hi!! Hope this time I get to meet you at CHA! Your number one fan Wanda


How cool that you lived in Portugal, Heidi.

Jennifer Cochran

I KNEW I should check your blog daily! I could have tried for that great pile of stuff. (I'm dying to get my hands on some floral centers to play with!) There's one show you should add to your list - Lost. Best show on TV.

Randell/Vancouver Island

Love your site/blog!

Toni Elmer

Heidi... you've lived in utah, I can't believe you didnt list Cafe Rio salads as one of you favoite foods! I ate them twice a week while I was pregnant with my first! THen we moved to Mesa and I ate costa vida everyday with my second! Gotta love those salads!


you definitely rock Heidi! i'm interested in the links for the people you tagged.. would love to check out their blogs too. :)


Congrats on the baby Heidi! I hadnt tuned in to the blog in awhile and WOW big news and dang...I wish I had checked in and had a chance at the stuff! However, I musnt be selfish I already have lots and go to my happy place every time I see it!

Christy B

I LOVE Miami INK!!!! We watched a marathon of it Sunday. We couldn't get anything accomplished for watching the show!! Very cool! If I ever get a tatto, I'm flying to Miami to get it down! :-)


Lake Powell...my favorite!


Hey Hedi! Love your blog...just discovered it!

michelle hill

thanx for the tag heidi....because you know i have nothing to do right.....:) have a great weekend....gotta love miami ink....


OK! Vancouver??? Awesome! Gotta love a fellow Canadian- even though you may have skipped over at some point! LOL
Miami Ink- swear I'm heading to that very shop if I ever make it to Miami! Now that is ART!
And Greece! Love to be there anytime of the year! My boss offered for me to stay there in his family home, but I was young and yes- STUPID! and never took him up on the offer ( and just to clarify: he was not offering to go as my companion either! Gotta clear the air on that one!)
Now we feel like we know you even better!Thanks!


A fellow Canadian and Portugal habitant, very cool. Did you learn to speak while you were there? I hope that you visited the Algarve! Bom Dia!!


Oh I just got tagged too you should read it. I read your blog everyday and I totally missed out on the pile of stuff. IT REALLY KILLED ME! I was just missed by like minutes. I wish I had more access to buy your products no one close to here sells them!!!


Is the puppy okay now?

Nancy in Vancouver

How kewl to learn you used to live here. Now, you have to come back and teach a class! Oh and by the way, when Carol and Tena were teaching out here last time, I got to win some of your stuff that I hear came straight from your home. Love it but I admit I haven't scrappped with it. It feels so wrong. I must take photos and scrap this first and of course, I must get your photo and your autograph to make the Heidi page complete. ;) Too bad I can't make the cruise, I would love to meet with you in person but something about wedding plans this year. You have to talk to Carol about my priorities in life. It'll make you laugh. Just mention engaged girl and my ring and where I was. That should spark her memory.


Oh sure...got me back! Loved reading about you...

Teri :)


very cool that you livd in portugal? May I ask where in Portugal? I'm from Faro, Algarve. I've been in the US for 12 years. started scrapbooking 4 years ago. And I love your products. Also love 24!

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