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Christina Padilla

Happy New Year.......wish you nothing but the best in 2006! Looking foward to seeing you in Alabama at the ScrapEtc. Event! :)


very encouraging entry... mostly the end, but I also loved what you shared about Christmas service. always nice to learn of other "sisters in Christ". :) your daughter's resolution was encouraging as well -- thanks for sharing. anyway... Happy New Year, Heidi! :)


My big indulgence in the day is reading some respected blogs...and I have to say that I love your candor about your faith and openness. I sometimes question the secular nature of the hobby I am desperately in love with, and yet, I see examples of women who exude Christ's love through their blogs and layouts more and more. Thanks!

And Good Providence (not luck!) on the New Year's Resolutions! We are trying with ourselves and our 3 little ones to give them one or two spiritual goals each year - a chracter trait to fine tune and a scriptural memory goal....



awwwww your daughter's resolution is so adorable, isn't it funny how kids come up with things we would never think of, but that make total sence?
I don't do resolutions, well I guess I do, just not New Years ones, I do All Years ones LMAO...


Heidi... you are an inspiration to us all, scrapper and non-scrapper alike. I wish that you and your family have a delightful year, full of glorious blessings!


I clicked on your blog today not really thinking a new entry would come up.....and I was thrilled to see you back. Figured you were crazy busy like everyone else and if not just wanted down time w/ the family. Glad you took that time for yourself and your beautiful family. As always loved your blog entry. (smart girl Q). Hope em shares some cookies I sent her w/ you & the kids!
A Happy New Year filled with all that you aspire for!

nancy in ks

So happy to see you back, Heidi. It's fun reading about your famly Christmases. I just Love Christmas even though it's a lot of work to get it all pretty . But I love even more the real meaning, and it's COOL to see people celebrating that real meaning.

I saw a guy on tv yesterday morning talking about new year resolutions (in the area of staying younger than your chronological age), and he said, "Email a friend every day. Connecting with other people keeps you younger." So this is my email for today:
To everyone who reads this: have a great day and year enjoying beautiful photos, art, nature, children, animals, and families because they all reflect life and the author of life. Notice all the little things. I'm thankful for all of you who add beauty to life in your own worlds.



sounds like a fabulous, wonderful, Christ-centered holiday.

happy new year, heidi!

teri :)

Shawni & Jason

It sounds like you had an AMAZING holiday! How fabulous... is it okay to live vicariously through you?? LOL...

Can't wait to see you at the show... we will be there with bells & whistles on and guess what... we will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary then! WOW... 10 years flies by I tell ya! See ya soon!

Alison P

Welcome back - glad to see a post from you. Sounds like you had a great holiday. Popped over to the hs.com site and saw the changes...looks like big things in the works. Any hints on CHA-W products?? ;)


wow. Quincey's resolution (reVOlution?) made me gasp outloud and gave me goosebumps! sometimes the answers we seek are all around us. good for you. good for HER!

sarah green

Great to see you back, happy new year hope 2006 is everything you want it to be. I too have done the new year resolution thing - same old same old - I so hope it lasts longer than usual.... I am so excited about this year am coming to America for a holiday and can't wait to hit the scrapbook stores... LITERALLY!!!!

Amanda Mankin

Welcome home & Happy New Year!


Happy New Year, Miss Heidi! SO happy that you're back in the blogging world. I, too, admire your openess about your faith and admire that about you. I also love your idea of sitting the family down to write new year's resolutions together, what a neat idea. So are your pink trees taken down yet?! ;-)


Hi Heidi!
Welcome back, I am so glad to have you back as this is one of the blogs I read regularly *sigh, I know, it's an addiction*
I am so glad you and your family had a wonderful Christmas despite your looming deadlines - we love having you around and hearing about your busy going's on. Keep writing!


Welcome back Heidi! You have been missed!! I just wanted to say that I love Quincy's resolution so much and I think I will have to adopt it as well. Thanks for all your inspiration and creativity. Happy New Year! Paige


Happy New Year may many blessings come your way in 2006. The boarding sounds great, do you snowboard to? Gary and I are addicted its so cool - you should join the boys and give it a go if you havn't tried already. I am seriously excited about 2006 too, last year had too many hard things in it - already this year has lots of good things to look forward too (u2 concert in March being one of them - cool) looking forward to trying to better myself too - a lifelong challenge. May many creative ideas flow in 2006 - much love Chanel


Happy New Year to you too Heidi. So nice to see an update from you! Can't wait to see what you come out with at CHA!!


Happy New Year to you also! I'm glad you had a great holiday. It's good to have you back though!

Pam Prussel

Happy to see you are back and already inspired by the New Year! Here's to many more inspired days in 2006!!!


Happy New Year!!

Hoping to see you in San Jose for CKU-A.

Steph (karlslove)

Welcome back, and happy new year!

So glad you got some much needed time off and family bonding!


Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday!

And......I just heard you news on CC! Wow girl! So surprised, and yet so happy for you and the family! Congrats!!!!


Happy New Year! Looking forward to the new website and the inspirational ideas!


Glad you had a great Christmas and such a wonderful time with your family!!!! Can't wait for what all you have in store for us in 2006!!!

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