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Chris R

I just had to comment on the Easter dishes. I love them. I saw them at Target last night and fell in love with them. Our local Target did not have very many of them but I sure did like them. Maybe they will get more in.
I also think that Easter is my favorite holiday. I love the pastel colors associated with it, the feeling of spring, the newness of the world and last but not the reason that Christians celebrate Easter.
I loved reading your post today :)


Hmmm. I had no idea you were coming to Edmonton (I'm 20 mins away) either. How come. The weather has been very good to us this year. Hardly any snow at all!


M'Kay, I figured it all out! I am in the process of registering for the Convention in Edmonton, but you are not listed as the Instructor, it says that Kara and Janet are the Instructors, but I sure do hope that it is you!
Anyway... glad I was reading your blog when I was...

Lori Simpson

Where did you find those dishes?? Pink has to be the best color on the planet and my husband would probably just pee his pants if I walked in & said.."OMG, honey!!! Just take a look at these...!" ;)


Nate Burkes (sp) at Linens and Things has brown place mats if you're still looking!! Cute stuff by the way!


I was at Target today and saw your pink plates!! Way cute! If you need more large plates, my Target has a few. I would be happy to pick them up for you, just email me.


Wow love your new plates and glasses!!Think they are verry cute,and everything fits with pink :D

Mary Elias

Where did you get those pink dishes? I've looked everywhere? Thanks, Mary

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