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Get Eric on that now!!! Seriously love all of your stuff, but the rub ons and I go round and round and round! I will continue to use them, because the fonts are incredible and I'm a loyal kind of girl, but those thin lines are driving me crazy. Please, whatever you can do to make me understand how to rub them on and have them complete, I would be forever in your debt...Oh wait, I already am. Did I say how much I love your stuff?!


I love them and have used them with success and without..I admit to not cutting them out and also I would suggest that they work differently in different climates :)When I was in FL and with the humidity I could not get them to stick...in winter in Chgo..well you know :) I love them so much that I use them if they get crackly so I'd love a description of how you tell ppl to rub them on. :)

Now I haven't used a mask..hmmmmmm


See you on Stauraday! I am so excited for the class at Ruban Rouge! Have a safe trip!


We have tried all your different instructions and no one at our store can ever make the rub-ons work. A video would be great but a different mfgr would rock. Sorry!

I totally agree with you about teaching classes. I always want to make sure my students feel like they get their money's worth and are inspired and that is so hard! Of course I'm not as creative as you. Maybe I can channel you on my next class prep. hehe

I enjoy reading your blog - you are very inspiring!


Please do a video! I love them so much but cant use them, they just sit there looking so cute in the package, but I get all flustered with them. I know you are supposed to "trace" rather than "rub" but I must not have the touch....please help!


I'm in the love them but can't use them crowd too :( lol sorry! I LOVE the fonts they rawk!

Kelly McCaleb

I am obsessed with all your products. I hardly make a page anymore that uses anything else, and I like to fancy myself pretty good with figuring out the unique stuff-- but I have to admit and just wanted to give you my "consumer opinion" the rub-ons are hard for me too, and I don't know a lot about other of your products that have kept me from purchasing them. I visit your site and blog EVERY day (I am pathetic, sorry) and wait for more info, demos, etc. on some of them. Because I LOVE THEM and want to be able to get the most from each product. I think the difficulty "getting it" is only there because you are coming up with such new, genious stuff, so really it's a good thing! But I would seriously like, kill, for an idea book to come out, or have tons of info and all the links on your website full!! I don't know how you do it all, you are totally my scrap-crush. thanks for listening to my ridiculously long comment, but i'm hoping it will be of some help! thanks, kelly


I think posting a little demo movie might be cool for everyone to watch. I have problems with some rub ons and with others Im fine. I find that some rub ons are too hard to get on the item...like you have to rub soooooo hard to get the darn thing on there.


I too have a very difficult time using your rub-ons. Please explain because I really love and use all your other products in all my layouts. But those darn rub-ons...


Heidi, is there any way that you plan a new book on some of the things you teach or maybe sharing it online? It's so annoying when you live so far away from the US and not are able to participate in your classes etc... Love your enthusiasm!
Thanks, Christina


I love your products, and I didn't realize the plastic alphabets are self-adhesive...good to know!

Where are you teaching in Palm Beach? My sister lives there. What a shame your trip wasn't in a couple of weeks as I will be visiting her then and would love the opportunity to take a class with you!

And I'm still lovin the masks! I may even try using them on my walls!! ;)

Peg Graham


My 2Peas Pub friend, Suzanne, is coming from Georgia to attend your class in Florida. She is another big fan of yours (like me).

If you can remember...will you please call her a 'stalker' for me? Hehehehe...Have a blast in Florida!

btw- I asked her to let you know that 'Peg Graham is NOT rub-on impaired'.

Enjoy your trip!


Please, Please have a video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have one of every rub on, and I can't use a darn one of them! Soooo cute, want to use, need help....


okay!! i am a witness! i was in attendance at heidi's retailer class in edmonton this last weekend (LOVED IT), and previously, i had all the same problems with the rub ons. NOT ANYMORE, i am a believer! LOVE THEM! :D i even did a post on my site all about how excited i was to have found out about how to use them. but it seems i can't explain HOW to use them by TYPING about it, you REALLY REALLY REALLY need to do the video about it! and show that it does work on textured paper, too... the only thing that makes me sad is when everyone figures out how they work, i won't get a great deal on rub ons anymore;) just kidding!! thanks for the totally awesome class & make & takes... i never thought I'd walk out of a building with so much HS stuff!!! i can't believe the goodies we got from you!! thanks again for everything, and take good care of yourself & that baby!!



Shawna Kolody

OK, I'll admit that I wasn't able to attend in Edmonton, but I did get some even more precious momentos from the event. #1 to use the rubons much more effectively. My boss can't wait to let our customers in on the "trick". They rock now that we know how to use them Heidi! Always loved the fonts, but I didn't want to waste them cause i wasn't doing it right. LOL
Most importantly... I have a personal video of Miss Heidi relaying a message to little old me! LOVE IT! I still need to email you when I have more time to express my oodles and oodles of gratitude! You are the most special gal in the world woman!!!!!!!


Doncha just LOVE American Idol?!! I can't believe you haven't watched before, you have SUCH will power but I guarantee you that you will love this season and the cool thing is that it's a show you can watch with the kiddos and heaven knows there aren't many of those left in prime time TV any longer! Have fun in Florida and get some sun for me.....my pasty white bod could sure use some.


I am hooked on Idol, too. As for your rub-ons, I don't have a problem with them but I think some video classes on your blog would rock!


I am so jealous I wasn't able to attend your class in Edmonton this weekend...I live here, but I am not a store owner...just a scrapper who loves your stuff! My best friend, Kim was there, though, and she said you were so inspiring and awesome. We are doing your album in Chicago in a few weeks (yay!) and I am so excited to meet you in person and work with you. And P.S...I have always been a fan of your rub ons!! Oh, and P.P.S....I'm with you on the American Idol craze...how much do we love Ace?? Hehe!!


I admit, I don't have cable! With two small children & very little time, I honestly don't watch much of anything ~ well, Dora the Explorer doesn't really count!

Now by some miraculous event, there was an opening for your afternoon class at Ruban Rouge! So, I will be there! Can't wait to see what you have in store for us. Any hints?

Okay, I have never used the plastic alphabets, but I did know they were self adhesive, and I knew about the journaling spots (only just found out about that this past Sunday when I was at the LSS). I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the silhouettes! I have stapled them, used glue dots, used brads, etc., etc. Did I say I love the silhouettes? Now, the rub-ons are quite "odd" for a lack of a better word. I admit, I don't cut each individual letter out, and I don't have a problem getting them to come off onto my projects. I just have a problem with them wanting to re-stick to their original backing when I am in the process of rubbing out another letter. I used three "O"s for one letter because parts of would rub off and then rub back onto the backing. I admit, it was frustrating. But other than that, I absolutely LOVE all Heidi Swapp products.

I was at a weekened crop earlier in January, and I was the only person there that had tried the masks, the tape, the credit card embellishments, the silhouettes, etc. (besides the person that had coordinated the event ~ but that doesn't really count, as she is my best friend, and we use alot of your products). Did I say that I also LOVE the alphabet masks?

Anyways, I'm looking forward to meeting you & Emily this weekend ~ I am SO excited! Though, be prepared for rain. Ugh! Have a safe trip, and I'm so glad Emily is travelling with you, so she can keep you company!


Your rub-ons do have awesome fonts, but with all the issues I read about with people having trouble using them, feeling they wasted there money because they can't get them to work. Maybe changing the manufacturer wouldn't be a bad idea. If the new ones rubbed on as easy at the Making Memories ones did, I think you would sell a TON more of them. JMHO, not trying to say anything bad about them, just think if they were easier to use you'd sell lots more of them and your customers wouldn't get so frustrated.


I personally love your rub ons. While in CKU-A Provo, you showed your SHE class how to use them. Seemed simple to me. I've not once had a problem. I think a mini video on how to use them would really help many.


I have never had a problem with your rub-ons and was surprised to hear that others did. Yours were the first rub-ons that I've ever used, and I love them! :)

Ali Dub

LOVE HEIDI! @^@@^&#%@...RUBONS! Arrrrrrrgh!

Sara Amuso

Heidi, I took your SHE class in Stamford and I have to admit I never really understood your products until I was taught how to use them and used them hands on...now I'm the HUGEST promoter of HS products and have already ordered a bunch for our small retail store...I will spread the word! I'm still getting the hang of the ordering process...I wish Advantus had online ordering and online order status ... still waiting for the order right after CHA.



ITA with you on planning classes...it's such a ton of work, and I do want students to leave with more than just a finished product. In addition to all you mentioned, there's also that need to sell a product for the LSS to benefit from the class as well. So yeah, I feel your pain, though I must admit...your students expect waaaay more from you than mine did from me. :)

And I have to add...I've never had any trouble with the rub-ons. But one night at a crop, 3 different women gave me all of theirs b/c they had trouble with them. Sad for them, yay for me...b/c I had no problem with those rub-ons either! :)

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