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X Ellen

A thought on the rub ons.....in Edmonton we used the rub ons onto a piece of painted chipboard and I think the painted chipboard is less poureous(sp.) than say a regular cardstock. So....maybe they worked better for us due to that and when people use the rub ons on cardstock it is more poureous and the rub on does not adhere as nicely. Likely this makes no sence what so ever but thought I'd share my limited wisdom with you. Personally for us way up north here we have not had the opportunity to try the rub ons and therefore were not any the wiser as to them not working. The only reason I brought up the poureous factor is because I had a frustrating time with this expensive set of jel pens that would not do what the ad said because I used them on cardstock and you were only to use them on a non poreous surface or they would not work. VERY FRUSTRATING!!! LONG EXPLANATION REQUIRED...... Hopeing to bring lots of Heidi stuff into our store because it is awesome............X


ACK - I live in Edmonton and obviously scrapbook under a rock. Had NO IDEA you were here or I would've so been at whatever you were doing.... next time...



I don 't have a problem with your rubons at all. I love your self adhesive chipboard letters, although they are difficult to separate from their sheet. I used them on a LO that I am really proud of, so please do check out my blog and look at my "Lovin You " LO, I also did a "She " LO the day before, which is also on my blog.

Nancy in Vancouver

Please get Eric on it right away. ;) I love your stuff but cannot for the life of me get them to rub off without chipping. I've followed your suggestions but to no avail. I hope that this will work. If not, you are going to have to come to town and give us a demo! LOL.


GREAT Class in Palm Harbor, Heidi!

You were just glowing and so much fun, the class was GREAT! I loved using so many products that I'd not used before. The fuzzy rub-ons are on my wish list now! The masks are GREAT.

You were just a doll to us at the class! The store Ruban Rouge was so nice to us too. Thanks again.

Lisa C


hi heidi ! was at etc this weekend and took a class with the ever talents carol wingert and tina sprenger - none of us could figure out your Rub ons !! Please help us all !! LOVE YOUR STUFF ! definitely am hooked on the masks right now !! talk soon !


I agree - I need to see a rub on video. I have the Bordeaux ones and it seems like the infinitesimally small serifs never want to adhere, so I have to draw them in with pen, and then they are fat and crooked (kind of like me... ha ha). I would like to see the silhouettes too. If they are not rub ons or adhesive, what ARE they? I am not going to buy any until I know I love them. and I would like to get some more of the rub ons but I still can't get them to work.

On the bright side, I'm probably going to blow all of my allowance on plastic and chipboard letters AND PUNCTUATION. THANKS HEIDI!!!


I would do almost anything for a remedial on rub-ons. I bought and loved your qvc kit but some of the rub-ons ended up getting wasted, which was sad.... love the kit, however!

Great blog!


a rub-on tutorial would be perfect! they are one of my faves...

april chapman

I love your stuff--I think it rocks--except the rub ons are a little painful to work with. I think a how to video would be great!! great job on the qvc kit!!

Amy B-perumbula

never posted on your blog before, but I have to comment on your rub ons. I bought my first pack this weekend and since I had gotten a quick tip from a friend, they worked perfectly. They even created a happy accident on my layout. I adhered the letters to the photos (printed at home on glossy paper) and the backing pulled off little bits of the photo with it, leaving an awesome distressed look around the letters. Now that isn't always the best result, but it could not have looked better on this layout. So thanks for the cool rub ons. I think I need to find myself some more! LOL!

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