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so sweet! i am so excited for you heidi!! xox

Kelly Angell

I am so excited, over joyed, happy, and thrilled for you. I wish you all the best!

Wanda E. Santiago

Hey beautiful so precious!! I know you are excited!! You looked radiant!! Hugs Wanda

Heidi Trejo

Seeing your baby for the first time in an ultra sound is so exciting.

Hey we love Monday too for the very same reason!! We LOVE 24!!!

Heather D. White

I hear ya on reverting back to "new mom status." I just have 3 1/2 years in between my two and I feel like I have forgotten EVERYTHING! Heck...how much they eat, when to start on cereal, etc. etc. etc. It's all wiped from my memory. LOL! Love your ultrasound pics. Do you know what you're having yet?


I ditto that. I tihnk with each baby the exctiement is like this is your first. Congrats... Take care and enjoy 24


That is so sweet to share your miracle with us. Thank you thank you... That is simply amazing. And I think you are right...When I had my son 7 years after my daughter, it was like being a first time mom...now my kids are ds-16, dd 23...**sigh**. I miss having little ones...
Have fun!

sarah green

I know what you mean about the "first mum" thing - almost 6 years between my two. How special seeing the scans... when I saw my first one I got so excited when I saw two - what I thought were big brown eyes just like daddy's... no the lady said "dear, that's the kidneys"!!! With my second baby I had a doctors appointment the day that my dad died and for the first time I heard the baby's heartbeat, so special but I cried mountains, one heartbeat started, another finished.


you are sooooooo funny!


Wow, I think those scans are pretty clear. So amazing to see. A miracle!! You are making me want to have another baby!! LOL Thank you for sharing a little of your world with us. Can't wait to see pics of the baby when he/she is born.


thank you for sharing your precious little miracle with us Heidi and I think the scans are very clear. Glad to hear everything is going along tremendously


so sweet! ...are you going to find out what you're having?

Fiffi - Sweden

Thanks for sharing! Ultrasoundpictures are amazing, no matter how bad quality it is. Beautiful! I have 7 yrs between my kids, and the second one truly felt like it was my first one :)


huge congrats going out to you :)


those are great ultrasound pix..You are right about waiting in between. It was 6 years after my first was born and I was back at the docs, trying to make sense of the ultrasound "if that's the baby, then what in the world is that!?"....oh...ANOTHER baby...and no my hubby wasn't there either...I immediatly had him come home from work...his words of wisdom...I know it wasn't what you planned, but let's think positive...they aren't conjoined! :) gotta love him...

Emma Eaton

Heidi, thank you for sharing your pictures with us - it's pretty cool to see your mini-Swapp :) Looking forward to seeing you again in April.

Anita Hiltz

OMG! How exciting for you! It is such an amazing experience! The pictures of your sweet little baby are precious! Thanks for sharing!


hee hee! Love seeing this latest Swapp! Congrats again! You were still looking pretty good at CHA!


sweet u/s pic!! what a cute teeny tiny baby!! :D i hear ya!! mine are 5 1/2 years apart, and i forgot EVERYTHING!!


Aw, what a cute little blob! :) At this time last year, I was looking at my own little blob. It's such a wonderful feeling.


Oh love the pics!! Made me almost want another one...almost but not quite teehee. I agree with the waiting. My first two were 20m apart, too close, than almost 3y for the next, still not right. #4 was 5y later and it was just like the first for sure. You probably don't remember me but at CKU Vancouver I was the mum with all the boys that kept giving you back the pink prizes (MM metal class).

Linda A (elendae)

Nothing like that first ultrasound!! :) Congratulations, Heidi!


how exciting!!!!!

Dawn Bibbs

Congrtulations again, Heidi. It IS amazing to see the first pictures of your baby. Especially for those of us who scrapbook :-).
What you're experiencing again is nothing beyond a miracle. It was the FIRST time you experienced it and it is now. We tried for 11 LONG years to have our 4 year old. And it brings tears to my eyes TODAY when I think about seeing her first ultrasound and hearing her heart beat for the first time. What a blessing! I'm happy for you.


Oh, how exciting! What a wonderful day this must have been!! The pics are very clear ~ I could even tell that the first one was Baby Swapp's head! I was getting all teary eyed looking at your pictures ~ I remember my pictures (sigh)! I'm sure you showed them to your children. Since the boys have been through an experience like this before, I will only ask: What did Quincy say when you showed her the pictures of her new little baby brother/sister?

I am truly happy for you! Hope you are feeling well & know that you are in my thoughts & prayers!

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