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Hillary Chybinski

Heidi - that baby is beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing - and best wishes to you and your family for this happy occassion -



such a miracle .... its such a buzz to see your pictures - take care of yourself and the lil one


Thanks for sharing those ultrasounds and your thoughts... so sweet!

But you need to stop rubbing it in that you get the latest episodes of 24 there... We're only halfway to season 4 here! I'll probably have to wait until season 5 is on dvd, so I can do an all-day 24 marathon :)
Hey, if anyone can put new episodes on dvd and send them out, let me know? ;)

I think it just so cool when someone I admire loves the same stuff I do... Make me believe that I if we have that in common, I might one day be as creative as you too...


The Netherlands


Oh how beautiful is that? So happy for you :)
Take Care, Alanna


Such a cute blob! Congrats BTW!!


ah so there is just one in there....no Swapp twins hey...I was getting excited when you said there may be....anyway enjoy the ride...rest up...look after yourself and give in to all those cravings.


Congrats! No matter how many babies you have, they are never the same. Thank you for sharing this wonderful event with us. Should we take bets as to whether it is a boy or girl? I say girl!


LOVE to have ultrasounds when I'm pregnant. I could watch ALL day!
love the pics! God bless baby swapp!

Tammy Brownlee

Thanx for sharing your miracle with us! I agree...my first were 6 years apart...it was like being a first time mommy all over again! Congrats again and take care of yourself! Don't you just love our preggie cravings!!!!

lynda paredes (simplescrapper)

heidi, thanx for sharing the u/s photo....u can totally make it out...
hope all goes well and u fit some me time in there. cravings....gotta love them


Just beautiful Heidi! Congratulations!


Just dropped by and I wanted to say Congratulations!! God Bless Heidi and baby! : )


That sure looks like a baby to me! :-) What a happy thing to share; and it takes me back to my own ultrasounds. Babies are such a miracle! ....congratulations!


So absolutely stinkin' cute. I love getting ultrasounds! I bawl every time. And don't put it past me to tear up at each doctor's appt. when we listen to the heartbeat either. :)



I see another adorable Swapp in those blob pictures! WTG! Such cute pics of Donna too.. seriously funny! HUGZ


What a beautiful baby, I love ultrasound photos. CONGRATS!!!

Debbie Cook

heidi! how unbelievably exciting! i agree with the 5 years between each baby amazement! always love the ultrasound shots. miracle in the making... :)debbie


That's the sweetest thing seeing your ultra sound pictures...made me emotional/teary and it's not even mine. :) We're so excited that you're expecting! Collin thinks everyone has a baby's in their tummy and he's officially asked me for a baby sister. hehehe (we've decided to get started on that)

CHA looked like it went well. You seriously are just so amazing. We're so proud to be related to you (even if it's by marriage.)

we're excited to come see you, eric and the kids.

LOVE YOU!!! rane


Awwwww, I could never get tired of looking at ultrasound pics. Babies are so precious. I got to hold a newborn for the first time in a loooong while last weekend and the ol' maternal instincts kicked in and made me want another baby SOOOOO badly! I guess I'll just have to live vicariously through you!! ;-)


wow that is so cute - congratulations! Even after 4 babies, scan pics still make me broody!

Karen Johnson

You are very lucky.....you have a blessed life! congrats!


Hi Heidi,

That ultrasound is very clear to me! It looks like a beautiful baby!!!!
I hope to see you at Scrap-A-Ganza in Egmond aan Zee (the Netherlands) for the workshop Think Pink... I'll be there anyway!

Enjoy your pregnancy, it's one of the most wonderful things in life!

Lisa Russell

How sweet are those first baby pics!!! He/She looks JUST LIKE mine did when he was that little!! ;-) I'm sure little Swapp will be just as cute, too! Congrats!

Karalynn Tyler

OH MY. Love the baby bean photo. Ours is on our fridge. Being almost 17 weeks along, I'm getting close to my next ultrasound later this month and hope to find out if we're having a boy or girl. (Not that it matters either way, but still fun to look forward to.) I mainly wanted to comment about the mustard. It seems I'm craving mustard as well. I thought I was losing it when I had a hot dog and thought I was in heaven. Corn dogs are pretty good too right now. I am happy to read I'm not alone on this craving. Oh and MILK! I didn't realize how much milk I was drinking until my husband said, "Um... you realize this is our third gallon in 9 days..." So baby must like mustard and milk. Congrats again. It's fun to see your ultrasound photos!


Congratulations, Heidi and family!! How exciting!! :)

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