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new visitor here....donna cracks me up! I just love the way that brain of hers works! and yours for that matter! love all your stuff!!! :O)

Linda A (elendae)

Those photos are *so* Donna! She totally rocks, and I love that she shared the album made from "junk" with you - and by extension, all of us! I haven't done anything that creative with your packaging, but I do have plans for those little boxes your chipboard letters come in!! :)


Too cool! What was the thought process that she had to come up with this???


I just recieved my order yesterday and tomorrow when I get to work I'm going through the garbage and getting those packages! Took a class from Donna and she is amazing!

Heidi - We sold out of our order of 36 Packages of Alpha Masks in 10 hours yesterday:) You rock girl!!!

Diana Mustafa Design Service

May I see a few examples of your mask products?


How cool is that!!!! Now, can you please start selling your packaging? LOL

This is a GREAT idea!!!


oh wait....maybe what I need to do is start checking out dumpsters behind scrapbook stores..LOL

Rachael Giallongo

That is SO fun... and let me tell you, I *want* that t-shirt! :)

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