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sarah green

Classes sound awesome... to bad too far away to be there!!@#*** - the she album sounds intriguing?? We need you to come back to NZ and teach us Kiwi girls how to do it!!!


Yay! So excited to hear a bit about what's in store for us at ETC! Is it April yet? :-)


Heidi, these classes sound amazing. I truly cannot wait! The things you are hitting on, and that Monique is focusing on, are REALLy the heart of the matter. They are things that have become more and more my focus lately, and I am so pumped to be involved with this event! I just can't WAIT! LOL


I can NOT wait!!!!!! I am SO excited about this event! I seriously can NOT wait!!!!


Sounds like a very busy month! I had heard a rumor that you were going to possibly teach a class at Ruban Rouge in Tampa. Imagine my surprise when I saw the date on your blog? So, I immediately called them, but they're all sold out! They have openings for the crop on Friday, which I would LOVE to go to, but alas, no one to watch the girls, as hubby is working 24-hours! Ugh! So, seems like I'll have to wait for another time...

The classes you described sound like so much fun! Someday, when the girls get a little older! Girl, I don't know where you get the energy to teach these classes, manage your household, spend time with your children...etc, etc. You simply amaze me! Actually, nothing ever goes as planned for me. I live in a semi-chaotic state...it's always a day into the "unknown"! Ha!

Have fun teaching & hope you enjoy your cruise. It sounds absolutely divine!


WOW that is quite the line up Heidi - So wish that I could take part in events like this but being a SAHM and part-time HRM to my DH's business and the long hours DH has I am lucky to get to CROPS LOL!!! Hey when I grow up I want to be YOU!!! BTW you are right Edmonton is likely gonna be cold, it is cold enough here in Ottawa -10C today!!! Enjoy your adventures!!!
Love your New Line up!!!!!


HAHA! well what's your definition of cold?
it's been +10 deg C here in Edmonton this past week and expected to be like that all next week as well. Our winter has been phenomenal! so bizarre..usually we are seeing chilly temps this time of year but this year, NADA! no snow, no cold weather...it's okay, we'll take it! so come on up Heidi! we are thrilled to have you :) A friend of mine will be taking your retailers class that weekend, I will have to make sure she gets a photo for me :) maybe an autograph too? I'm such a Heidi nerd I know :) but I adore your style girl, YOU and ppl like Donna, Cathy, Stacy...all inspire me :)
Keep doing what you are doing.


Hey Heidi,
I'll see you at Ruban Rouge with 6 friends and we can't wait! But, did want to tell you that RR is in Palm Harbor, not Tampa, lol! They're close though but we're kind of funny about that down here...long story. Anyway, can't wait for your class!



I can't wait for the event. I am an AL girl and live florida. You will love both places. I have to say I am so excited about meeting you and being inspired by you. Like I have said before and the people who know me, know you are my American Idol. I am so glad to you have your own line of product and also glad to be one of the many who will also be in awe of you. Ya think I will be able to get a picture with ya? Counting down the days.


I wish I was close to Alabama! Man that sounds so freakin awesome! I'm definitley missing out on some good stuff!



I CANNOT WAIT TO MEET YOU!!! I am coming to AL from NYC and I am so ready! Thanks for accepting Monique's invitation and I know we are going to have a lot of fun while we are in the South! YIPPEE!!!


Do you thin australia is a bit far to travel from? I want to do you She album class ;(


oh man! I am SO glad I signed up for this event!

Coming from Jersey and way excited to be -inspired- by some of my VERY favorite artists!


Edmonton is not bad right now. Right around 0 or 30 degrees. Has been unseasonably warm up here in Alberta this winter. Where will you actually be there?


I just registered for "the Event" . I can't wait to drive from VA to see you and Kathy and Carrie and Elsie in person. Monique and Scrap Etc rocks!!! Thanks Heidi for doing this event.


We have been having a great winter in western Canada. It has been around zero degrees celcius all most all of the winter. I sure beats -40. Have a great time. I am pretty sure there will be a couple of the retailers from Saskatoon attending and they are looking forward to it. Take care


Omg I can't believe u r going to be in my hometown and they are sold out?
Any chance you will come back?


I just registered for the event in AL. How lucky I am to leave close enough to attend. I'm in Niceville, FL and am originally from AL. I can't wait till April.....Heidi, thanks for telling us about the event!!


Wow, Heidi! I live about 5 minutes from the event site and of course can't wait to go. I made a layout with your chipboard letters taking Monique's advice to sand them a little and just loved the result. Also sounds like you are a 24 addict as are myself, my husband and 4 sons. Can't wait to see you!


YAY!!! Can't wait until April...Heidi, you are the most AMAZING person in the world!!!!


First time poster and HUGE fan of course!! maybe you should put these classes in some sort of format to mail to us people who would LOVE to do it but are too far away...(oregon)???? PLEASE!!! LOVE your work!!


Hey Heidi,
Just wanted to say my husband and I have been having this argument all night. We live in New York and between the event, hotel, and flight he says no way. When I told him I really just wanted to take the "she" class. There was a lot of uncontrollable laughter after that. If you could put the class materials together for purchase so we could have the experience I'd be willing to pay alot for it.. PLEASE PLEASE have pity for a poor New Yorker

Love your work


cant wait to see you in April at scrapbooks etc !! you rock girlie and i just love all your classes !! can you believe are old stomping ground is gone - no more memory lane - kinda sad ! anyways see ya in april !!!


I'll see you at Ruban Rouge and then later in Alabama. I cannot wait!! Have a great day!

Michelle M

I'm so glad I signed up for this event. I have to say your teaching there was one of the deciding factors for me. I can't wait for this inspirational event! See you in April.

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