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Heidi (and everyone), Suzanne posted a pix of her cookies & HKS goodies on 2Ps... so a search for her name "squillen" and look for the "HEIDI SWAPP MANIA" thread. SO cool. WTG, Heidi & Emily!! :)

Sharon Kile

The class was awesome, It was an eye opener with showing how to use the product.. The stuff we got was just way incredible like I never have received that much stuff included with a class. I want you to come back....

Bianca Hall

Man, I really wanted to come, but my DDs birthday was the 25th. Ruban Rouge is an awesome store. I am lucky to have it as my LSS. I hope you come back again Heidi! (Just not exactly one year from now LOL!) It sounds like all you lucky girls had a great time!!

Peg Graham


I am sooooo happy that Suzanne got to meet you, give you her awesome cookies AND have you make a layout of her DD. She was just as thrilled!

I know you made her weekend, for sure!

Next time...I'm coming with her!!!!


Linda A. (elendae)

Sounds like a wonderful time! I love the page that you did, and I envy you being able to sample Suzanne's scrumptious cookies! ((although she will ship them, so I'm not totally left cookie-less!)) Welcome home!

Mary Rogers

Suzanne is going to be so excited you mentioned her and her cookies....(we saw a picture on twopeas)....

Do you think the airport security thing (if you flew) erased your pictures?

Have a great night and see you in Chicago!


Oh, how I envy Suzanne!! I love the page ~ imagine having THE Heidi make a page for you book! Too cool!

It was a stroke of pure luck that I was able to attend! I was #18 on the waiting list. Imagine my absolute shock when the phone rang late Thursday afternoon, and Ruban Rogue was on my caller ID! Woohoo! Girl, I hung up the phone yipping & dancing around (needless to say, my husband didn't quite understand the excitement)! I absolutely loved your class, and the giveaways! Wow! Then, to top it off, I won a prize!! It was like icing on the cake ~ what an absolute cool day...Can't wait until you come our way again! It was awesome!

And girls, you should see Heidi! Here she is pregnant, and she looks absolutely fantastic!

Hope you enjoy your few days at home. Try to de-stress (easier said than done), and totally enjoy your cruise, and again, don't stress it ~ the girls will absolutely LOVE your classes!

Suzanne Quillen

:oO OH MY GOSH!!!!! I can't believe MY NAME is on Heidi Swapp's blog! ACK! *faint*

It was such an awesome opportunity getting to meet you and Emily at Ruban Rouge this past weekend. (Emily you stinker saying you didn't scrap! I know who you are now and I feel like a total dote for not knowing sooner!)

I love your stuff so much and so you can imagine what a thrill it was having you create something using Paige's photo. Seriously. So now that we are best friends, I will send you cookies periodically in the mail (I'll need your mailing address ;)) and again.. seriously. If you are ever looking for a designer... remember me. :D

Cami Bauman

All I can say is WOW, what an amazing weekend! It was so wonderful to meet you and Emily and how lucky I was to get the opportunity to watch you in action! Great crop, great class, great goodies to take home...FAB weekend! THANK YOU!


Heidi, I loooooove that page you did! So beautiful! I am getting so excited to meet you at CKU-A Chicago!!


Aside from the wonderful time you had, this is in response to your memory card. Some camera shops are able to retrieve erased photos from the card, depending on the memory card. Don't do anything to the card, call around to your local shops and see if any of them can retrive for you. I had a friend who was able to get some precious photos back doing this!

Good luck, I'm glad you had fun!


What a wonderful time! So, are ya planning a trip down under anytime soon? ::smiles::

Rachel C



Heidi, I second Kristy's post re: lost images on your memory card. Those images are never lost. They can be retrieved -- by a "top secret machiney thing" at a camera store.

I rec'd a new digital camera (my first digital) for Christmas, took tons of photos of our children, etc (and...it was our baby's first Christmas) and...long story short, someone hit the Format button by mistake when trying to play around w/ the menu and...all of the pictures were GONE.

Fast forward to the next day...the guy who was playing around w/ my camera drove almost 2 hours to the store where the camera was bought & they said "Oh, this happens all the time. You can't retrieve the pics yourself, but we have the software to do it."

Lickety-split, there they were. The store was nice enough to burn all 200+ images onto a CD (free of charge!) & I had my precious pics back.

Good luck -- hope you can get them back. Hope to be able to take one of your classes someday.


Simply love the layout....off to order me some more Heidi Swapp!!!!
Best of luck getting your images back...URGH!!


It was a fun class and thanks for taking the time to get the photo with us Cabana Crew!! We sure all enjoyed it Heidi! Did you ever get to see the alligator???

Kip (all 6 of them, lol!)

Kim Bolyard


I just want to thank you for a wonderful time this past weekend at Ruban Rouge. It was great to meet you and Emily. It was great to hang at the crop and the class was great, I learned a lot and I am lovin' using all of your products I purchased. on my blog I have photos up from this weekend and I have some great ones of you making the page for Suzanne. If you would like me to e-mail any to you let me know. Thanks again.

Kim Bolyard

Janet Ohlson

OK, I have already told Suzanne how jealous I am...LOL! I am so stealing the double photo corners idea. Speaking of that, the second batch of Heidi layouts go up at Croppers Cottage tomorrow so be sure to come see if you have a chance!!! I am loving working with your stuff! (yes, I'm sucking up, LOL)

Mou Saha

I'm still in cloud 9. Did it really happen? Oh yes it did...thank you Heidi for the wonderful class and the wonderful weekend.Thank you so much.

Amy Elkins

Oh! That page is just YUMMY! I can't wait til my LSS gets those fuzzy rubons!


How fun! I just love Ruban Rouge, I have been there both times I have been to Tampa on Vacation and it's my very favorite LSS EVER!!! Your page rocks and Suzanne is very lucky! Sounds like a very fun time!


i found out that if you turn your camera on/off while in the "PLAY" mode i.e. you are viewing the photos on the camera, the images can be erased. Make sure you turn the camera to "picture taking" mode before you turn it on/off.

Learn something new everyday!


I swear Heidi! You are the coolest person! I would soooo love it if you would come to Nashville and teach a class or two at Scrap It! I promise we would be just as nice to you!!! And how sweet of you to do that page for Suzanne (LUCKY GIRL) but I can imagine how even the best of scrappers would be nervous with an audience with high expectations. Still looking forward to your classes in Alabama in April!


The class was awesome, Heidi was awesome, the kit was awsome - so when are you coming back????

Everything was great, I bought your book and have been practicing. I forgot my camera - how sad - I was not able to get a picture with you - so you really need to come back so that I can get your picture so that I can do a page in my album.


Looks like a fabulous time in Tampa and that store is just to die for.....I haven't seen that much Heidi stuff all in one place since CHA! Oh my, I would be bankrupt or in divorce court for sure so maybe it's a good thing I don't have access to that store!!!!! ;-)

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