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You're gonna have SO much fun! Don't worry about teaching, girl, you're a natural at it! So, don't stress (easier said than done)!

You think you forgot something? Double check for a toothbrush! I went to an overnight crop in Jan. I packed the Listerine, the toothpaste, but duh! NO TOOTHBRUSH! However, I did manage to get a "complimentary" toothbrush ~ very flimsy, but hey, I wasn't going to complain!

Maybe someone will record 24 for you! I'd offer, but I don't have cable! Gotta love it!

Bon voyage, mi amiga!


Hey, I thought you had TiVO?? We are a season or two behind here in Oz, otherwise, aw heck, who am I kidding, I wouldn't be able to help you out even if we *were* on the same season!

ENJOY the cruise!



Have a wonderful time and can't wait to hear about the trip.


have a great journey! enjoy it!

sarah green

Have a great trip... sounds awesome... loved the love boat too - gofer was a fav and the bar man, can't think of his name now tho' - look forward to seeing some pics of what everyone is up to


My friend will be on the cruise...I am so jealous you will all be enjoying warn weather!! And I can relate with your waist expansion problem...I'm due at the beginning of August and I'm having such problems with my clothing...maternity clothes are too big but all my clothes are too small! AAAaaahhh!!


poor you. you have to go on a cruise and miss a television show. that is just too sad!! hehe!!


Oh how I wish I could be on that cruise, taking classes from you! An ideal vacation for me!!


Sounds like it will be fun...nice weather and scrapbooking! Who can complain? Have fun!

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