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my SOUL needs this! sounds perfect! i would dream to come!


oh that sounds so fun, exciting, heavenly, perfect! And registrations starts on my birthday and I only live 100 miles away!

Jolene George

I live in Mesa, AZ and will be there for sure! You can't go wrong with Heidi Swap and The Jones family at Bazzill. They are awesome people. FINALLY something to look forward to! YAY!!! You totally made my day!


OMG! My in-laws LIVE at Pointe at Squaw Peak!!!!!! I am SO there. How perfect.... The Pointe is really a fun place- the water park is great.

My son can spend the weekend with his beloved grandparents and I can do what I love best- scrap with creative people.


(PLEASE tell me that there will be the option to not have hotel, so that I can stay with the ILs and walk over to the classes.)


How fun!! All my family is in Phoenix... I am going to do my best to get there!


Oh...what a bummer for us in California!!! That is the kids fist day of school. (I am pretty sure Arizona schools start in August) Any chance of changing the date to one week later?

Alison P

This sounds great! So hoping to be able to go. :)

Alison P

Sorry - one question...how many people will be able to attend?


woot! i'm so there! ;D


PLEASE say you're coming to Florida at some point. These sound excellent but I just don't want to travel that far with all my stuff!


Heidi your killing me!!!! The cruise you are on is during my middle child's birthday, and now the creative escape is the same time as my oldest daughter's birthday! OH WHAT A DILEMA!!!!!!!!




oh WOW!!!!!! That looks amazing! I want to go so badly!

Hey, I saw something today that you might be interested in. Home Interiors has this really adorable glass and pitcher set that is pink. It is so YOU.


OMG I am so there!!! My hubby travels to AZ once a month for business. I miss going with him and taking classes at ML. Now I can do this!!! I am so excited. What a great idea. Leave it to you Heidi Swapp!! So cool.

Jenn N

Ok, so I forward this to DH at work today just to let him in on a dream holiday. He emails me back and said "book it"! I can't believe it! He's already been checking flights and it looks like we might make a family trip out of this. Can't wait!


I am so gonna be there. It sounds so fun!
Its perfect time for me.

Can't wait for more details!

maria newport

can i just be you for a day...please? looks beautiful there! but here i am stuck in dreary, slushy, wet, cold new york!

Sarah Scott

My husband and I stayed there last summer for our anniversary! It is a very beautiful resort, wonderful choice!
in AZ

Teresa Wilkins

This just happens to fall on my BIRTHDAY so am soooo going to be there! In fact, I have already made my hotel reservations. I am that sure that I will be there!
Teresa Wilkins
Arkansas girl


Ooooooo, this sounds like the perfect gift to myself for my 40th birthday later this year!!

Terrie Moxam

Oh Heidi, what a great idea. I'm going to start asking around and see if anybody from the Great White North wants to go. I'm sure a lot would like to go, but of course, cost is always a factor.

Jamie Barba

This sounds awesome! Another In-law visitor here. Can't wait to hear more!



What's it called? When is it? Where can I sign up? I'm a native. Heidi you're the best!!! 2 more thumbs up for Bazzill. I love their paper and their store. The kindness of the employees also stand out in this industry. Thanks for all your hard work.


Hey girlie! Squaw peak's where we got hitched! Isn't is just amazing? Hmmm - perhaps I'll travel down for this one...let ya know!


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