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Thank you soooo much Heidi for posting your album and layouts. I fell in love with your craft when I saw the feature about taking photos of yourself ages ago, and your "Creating Balance" layout appears yet again. Love it. And thanks so much for blogging - it was a long week for me without any new Heidi news ;) Have another productive week !!


Thank you soooo much Heidi for posting your album and layouts. I fell in love with your craft when I saw the feature about taking photos of yourself ages ago, and your "Creating Balance" layout appears yet again. Love it. And thanks so much for blogging - it was a long week for me without any new Heidi news ;) Have another productive week !!

Sarah W.

SO EXCITED for CHA summer now! I'm so excited that I won't have to wait for some of your fabulous product. Getting my hands on it is always the toughest challenge, well and not using every bit of it up the second i do get it! lots of hugs, sarah

kristin kanner

You inspired me to make one of these for my Mom as an early Mother's Day gift. I only had the ME article to go by, but it came out pretty well...I stitched a little too close on one side and caught one of the layers, but, hey, it's homemade! She loved it! Thank you so much for the beautiful idea and for adding the album here!

Andrea Tuttle

Heidi . . .thanks so much for the great pics of your ME layout. I will follow your lead and make some frames for my mother-in-law and my mom for Mother's Day! You're the best. I also loved looking through your layouts, too! I love your style and am always on the look out for your layouts!


oh happy day...i've been waiting for you to post some of your previous layouts!!
i love the "learning to walk" on the beach~simply gorgeous!!
& way too stinkin' cute mother's day frame. i am an old Mary Engelbreit fan & flipped out when I saw your article in her mag......... way too cute.
just how on earth do you do it all?!??!
anyway, please post more of your oldies but goodies in the layout section!


I can't believe we have to wait ALL summer for the "ESCAPE"!!!!!!!!!!! Is September here yet? Anyone? Beuhler? Gosh!!!!!


Heidi...so glad you posted detailed pics of the mother's day frame! After you posted it on your website that you were in Home Companion, I rushed right out and bought it, but was having a hard time figuring out how many layers there were and how exactly you put it together! It is seriously the cutest project and I want to make one. Where did you get the frame and what size is it? If you could let all of us know, I'm sure we'd each find it helpful! Thanks, Heidi...YOU RAWK!

Alison P

Thanks for posting your photos of the Mother's Day project...I'm excited to make one for my mom this year!

Also, so excited for Creative Escape...never been to Arizona and am thrilled to attend!


i love the album and bought the magazine. i have been to four target stores in nashville, tennessee and can't find that rachal ashwell frame. i even looked on line. did anyone find one? fay


hi heidi,

thank you so much for posting your layouts and the mothers day project. i can't believe how much you look like your mum in her early days!

being in oz, we don't have that "home companion" mag. i'd love to make one of those mother's day albums but wouldn't have a clue how to go about organising the layers. don't spose you could post some instructions???!

love sharon

sarah green

I'm totally with Sharon above.... coming from NZ we don't get that magazine here either but would LOVE to make the project.... it's awesome, what a lucky mum to get a present like that!!

laura t.

love the "old" layouts...they're just *timeless*! And I have to ask...the scroll stamp you used for the cover...is it Making Memories?? Thanks so much for sharin!


i went and got the mag the same day you posted
love the album
but as others haven't been able to find the frame
but I have found some at IKEA that I think will work great
love seeing more detailes pages of the album
it is awesome and I know your mom will love it


I'm so excited about going to "creative escape". Can't wait to hear more about all the fun classes!


I love reading about your week and all the things you've been up to...such an exciting and busy life and somehow you always manage to stay on top of things. You are amazing! I can't wait for your CHA summer products...I am a big fan...love all your products and own pretty much everything! And I can't wait to find out more of the details of the Creative Escape event, I'll be there!


So happy to hear you had a lovely Easter and that more importantly you're taking good care of yourself. I love the photos you posted of everything, it's even fun seeing your Lucky 15 finds!! I'm still hoping there's a chance I can attend Creative Escape as my 40th birthday present to myself, let's keep our fingers crossed!!!!


AAaaahhh! Mew HS products?? Yay, I can't wait! And I'm also sooooo pumped for Creative Escape. So glad I'm coming!!


I can't *wait* for your classes this weekend! It's going to be so much fun. :)


so glad you're back to blogging. love, love,love the mother's day gift. (& that alarm clock of Q by the way is on my "must have/do" list.
really enjoyed looking @ your layouts. an amazing thing to look back on!
have a great M*O*N*D*A*Y!


SO excited you're going to be releasing a bunch of new stuff at CHA summer!! I didn't get enough of my Heidi fix at winter CHA!

Can't wait to meet you this weekend at Scrap Etc!


Can't wait for the Scrap Etc. event this weekend!

Emine Pala

Hi Heidi

I know how you feel.. I hate to be tired also.. there is so much to do and if you don't have the energy it feels AWFUL...

I have a question for you.. I am so curious how you prepare a class... What is the process.. I think it's a lot of work!! Can you PLEASE tell us more about that process here in your blog. Where do you start...

Thank you



Hurray for naps!! It's the only way to survive those baby years. No one can do it all and you deserve a break. Thanks for the pics--I remember your foam core phase--that was my favorite ML class. You did some amazing things with that stuff! I've had a lot of classes and you are the best teacher out there. It's still fun to read your doubt and worries then you appear human like the rest of us! And it keeps my dream alive that someday...just maybe...I can be half the scrapbook artist you are. Also love your grunged-up boy pages. Balance, I still haven't figured that one out. Right now contemplating whether to take a new job...to support the scrapbooking habit. Love your Mother's Day project (instructions?). My Mom passed away last summer right before my twin sister and I's B-day so too late to make her one but maybe make one for the evil MIL? Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day early.


Thanks for the tip on Lucky 15...it is such a cute store. I got some really great stuff and the girls there are really sweet. Can't wait to hear more about Creative Escape...September just seems so far away.

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