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so glad you got your license back!

about the "she" thing...
I can't wait to see how you take it to the next level! I think I could sit through your class a million times...and still cry!
Your zest for "she" is so invigorating & passionate.

Kristi H.

Oh Heidi, I am so happy to find out that you're really considering putting the "she" thing out there for those of us who have never been lucky enough to have the opportunity to attend one of your classes and learn about/experience it! From what little I know of it from your site, I just know it would have a powerful and positive effect on my journey of personal growth and discovery. I am so excited to see what will come of this!!!


sooo happy for you that you found your license...that is SUCH a horrible feeling....worse when you are tired and pregnant, you poor thing!!

I have been one of "those" that have asked about the SHE concept so I am TOTALLY excited to hear that you are thinking of explaining it and coordinating something for those of us who have not experienced...I have four little girls and would love to start a SHE book for each of them on their journeys to becoming strong women so it will help for me to understand your concept...I think it would help them in becoming who they are and encourage them to know they are strong, powerful, amazing girls already with all the potential of life ahead of them....ok, i have rambled on enough...YOU are an amazing SHE Heidi!! :) Tanya


I think I hear a book coming on....book & kit??? Online Class??? Something about SHE that all of us can experience? I'm THERE!..Pat


I know the SHE book already exists, but your take on it hasn't been published. Shouldn't this be a combination project/album theme/design/book set-up? I mean, go whole hog on this...I have not had the chance to take the SHE track...and I gotta tell you, a class kit doesn't seem like it could come close to doing it justice.
Just one more thing for the to-do list....
Happy early mornings!


I can't wait to see more on the SHE concept
I am going to order the book this week
HAve a great productive and creative week
cheers to awesome karma!


Met you in Florida and wanted to hear your "She" concept, but it was late at night/early morning and you recommended the book. However...I would still L-O-V-E to hear YOU talk about what "She" means to you. What about a video class, sort of how you did with the rub-ons? Just a thought. I personally would pay to hear you talk and teach on this subject and as anyone who knows your work also knows your passion for this topic. Please, please, please for all of us women out here...do it! Have a "she" online class. After all, it's made you the amazing individual you are today!


I am a huge morning person which makes my a gigantic anti night person....works well as long as I get a nap...usually between 2:30-3:30 (kids doin homework and Oprah on) if I dont get a nap...not so good...but I get ALL of my creative stuff, house stuff, bible study...and misc. other things done between 3:45-6:45 am...it is bliss...and worth the sleepyness in the afternoon....I find that if I accidentky sleep in until 5ish (what an oxy-moron) I feel totally rushed!
keep it up..NAP & dont over do it (is that possble for you, me...and every other mom in America?) and take care of that lil pkg you are carrying!


What a nice random thing, to get your license back like that... there are goodies out there.


I used to be such a morning person...loved getting up super early, making coffee, doing this or that, writing...then I had kids. Yeah, now I can't motivate myself out of bed before 7am!!! I would love to get up before the kids so I don't feel that rushed feeling. You are inspiring me to try going to bed earlier than midnight+ and get up before the sun...oh the things I could accomplish. But, I agree...the time when the kids go down (8:30 for mine too) seems so short when you go right up to bed...


I can't believe there could be ANYONE that would not know who you are!!!! That's just plain {CRAAZY} YOU / SHE should never be required to carry a driver license :)

Alannah Jurgensmeyer

EXACT same thing happened to me with the driver's license babe :) I lost it after I was cleared on my first flight and it was gone by the time I got to my connecting flight. Got on the plane by showing my Sam's Wholesale card (only thing I had with a pic) and a LIBRARY CARD!!! LOLOL Then they marked my flights home so they would know I didn't have my DL. AND by the time I got home Delta had mailed it back to me. I can totally relate with that massive *WHEW*!!!



So sorry for the stress related to the DL thing for you, and how nice that someone mailed it home! Couldn't Em just pull out a magazine with your picture where they talk about you? Probably would work for normal people, but not with TSA employees--those people have no sense of humor! Good luck with the morning thing.


I'm so impressed by you for trying to be a morning person this week. I'm also a total night person and I really admire your dedication to going to bed by 10pm every night. Way to go! I usually get a burst of energy at that time of night and am usually up until at least 1am every night. I really have to struggle to get in bed before midnight. That's also my creative time too.

I'm so happy to hear that you're working on a way to share the SHE album concept with everyone. I've heard so much about the album and have seen some completed ones. I'm so fascinated by them. I was hoping to get to a CKU this year to take your class, but it didn't work out (but I am going to Creative Escape!) I just ordered the book by Kobi Yamada and can't wait to read it. I really hope you find a way to make a book, online class, a kit, or something for those of us who haven't had the opportunity to take the class. I think it would be awesome!


hi heidi...
i love reading your blog, you make me laugh, inspire me, and in some ways remind me of me, so i consider you my friend :) i am NOT a morning person, i love to sleep in too and definitely am more creative at night. having little ones, i love the quiet of evening, seeing my babies sleep while i am productive...bliss. i get jealous of morning people, sometimes wishing i could be one of them, especially the ones who get up and EXERCISE - ahhhh!!! but, i have tried the morning thing and i feel i have to be TOO quiet. at night my kids are so out, i could scream and they wouldn't awaken. so, that is my final excuse, i will stay a night owl. whatever you choose...thanks for all you do...morning or night:)


You totally ROCK -- I am such a night owl - (we are talking up till 3am) but i have been crabby lately when the kids are getting me up at 7 SEVEN A.M. -- who wouldn't be, right? - anyway I think I am going to give this a try -- Starting MONDAY morning I am going to get up at 5 a.m -- Maybe I can convert to an early bird - we will see


So glad your license found its way home to you. No one should have to go to the DMV more often than absolutely necessary! I hope you come up with a way to bring the SHE concept to the masses (ME!). I want to experience your classes because your techniques and products rock! I have also heard how life-changing your classes are. I think it is a great way to motivate us all to become better women and for those mothers out there to find their identity beyond "mom".

sarah green

So glad to hear about you doing the "she" thing on-line... can't wait!!! I have a similar story about our airline - Air New Zealand, our family was having a beach holiday and on the way home I had forgotten to take out of the pocket in the pram the all important shells collected from the trip to the beach, well they had fallen out when the pram was being packed onto the plane and a baggage man had picked them up come onto the plane and came straight up to our kids and said he had found them and gave them back... how's that for service - Air NZ rocks!!


i am so glad you got your license back. i can't even imagine the stress you were feeling. karma does follow. and you are such a great person, how could it not follow you. i was very lucky to have attended one of you 'she' classes. it totally rocked. i even shed a tear from seeing how passionate you were about this. i am totally inspired by you. i guess you can call me a heidi wanta be. which won't happen because i am not the skinny type. i surely do hope you consider a book/kit on your perspective of the 'she' concept. i, too ordered kobi's book. can't wait to see what you come up with. good job on the early morning experiment. when that little one arrives, i am sure you will be use to the early mornings.


You know Heidi, I've been reading your blog for some time and I've noticed a big difference in your writing style since you've taken this new approach to being a 'morning' person it seems. Much more of a relaxed, narrative type and very easy to read. Not that your old way was bad, I just have a total different feel for your style now when I read your words. Have you noticed a difference?


deb munn

Man that is some serious good karma! So glad you got it back... I'm sure you are totally relieved.
Haven't been fortunate enough to take "SHE" yet... but I did pick up the book and completely devoured it! I'm looking forward to what you come up with next :)
Glad you're feeling pretty good... always a plus! Now go get some sleep!


Hi Heidi,
From one morning person to another. I used to hate getting up early. Now with 3 kids, I love it! I start work @ 6:30 and get lots of stuff done. Love those lists!
I wish you were coming to CKU-SJ. I would totally be all over a SHE class kit/book. I've seen samples of the album, but would totally love to know the whole SHE experience!
Thanks so much for the inspiration!


Heidi - I took your classes in AL and I just fell in love with you! I have taken your classes before at CKU and met you at CHA but I really feel like I got to "know" you in AL. Thank you for sharing so much of your heart and your life. It TRULY inspired me. Made me reflective about my own life. I was sick during the event and didn't sleep hardly at all so I was out of it during your class. Somehow I lost the plastic overlay to my frame kit. I wish I knew where to buy another frame kit so I could use the plastic cover from it for the "she" project. Anyway...I'm rambling...just thanks again and know that you have lots of fans who think you are amazing. (BTW, I work at Scrap It, where Jenni Bowlin teaches, and we all just LOVE you! We wish you would come see us sometime if you're in Nashville.)

Tracie :)

PS - The other class you taught, the playing cards one? That was my favorite thing from the whole event. I am keeping all the stuff you gave us together so I can PLAY and not worry about using up my stuff! Thanks for being so generous.

naancy in ks

heidi hey-

i thought it was so funny about the DMV...not that YOUR experience was funny, but i had to go there on wednesday and then that night I read your blog...

no one ever says, "oh boy, i get to go to the DMV". i try NEVER to go there... but my license expired and i didn't realize it until i was flying to phoenix and the two TSAs caught it. (luckily i had my passport along). s0 anyway, on weds i drove the 40 minutes to the DMV and walked in to "Hi, our computers are down...STATEwide." (and the bathroom didn't work either)... 5 hours later i had my renewed license.

you saved 5 hours by...living right? flying us airways? getting up early? who CARES! good happens too!


heidi. i know what you mean about the drivers licence. on my way TO alabama, i must of dropped mine in line up for a bagel. thankfully i was early and sat down to eat it instead of rushing to my gate. about 10 minutes later i notice all the waitresses looking at a plastic card and then at me & it turns out there were trying to decide if it was MY dr.license. ha. thank god they found it b/c i wouldn't of gotten back to Canada easily without it (akc!)

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