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looks like so much fun
what alot of people doing a wonderful thing
preserving memories is the best thing
and I think the she album is wonderful because alot of time we scrap others and not ourselves
everyone should tell their own stories.
wonderful pics
can't wait to see what Ali and Cathy thought of the CKU-A experience.

Colleen Erdmann aka Pea-ticular and Chi-girl

Oh, I so wanted to be w/you in my home-town! Don't you just love Chicagoans!? Maybe one day...It sounded and looked wonderful, and I hope you rest and regain your energy. Teaching is def. a job where you give and give and give. And then there's motherhood!

I will take this inspiration and begin to work on my own SHE album (aka QVC She album)...it's time to get started!



Soo glad you had such a wonderful time! Sounds like a ton of fun!


Cafe Press products??
Do you have neat-o stuff available to buy at cafe press?


Hi Heidi

WOW, this is just awesome... I loved reading it... I am sooooooooooo SAD that I can't be a part of that, be your STUDENT...
I would love to take a class from you!!!
I love your products, style and YOU as a person...
When I was pregnant (I'm 23 years old) I cried soooo much... About everything LOL... I understand what you're going trough...

Take good care of yourself..



Couldn't find the cafe press products (there were 40 pages of scrapbook designs)! I even put in the kobi yamada quote and still didn't produce any results. Do you know where to find them? GRRR..

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

Kim Bolyard

WOW...I wish I ciuyld have been there...Was not able to this time, this kids had spring break, but next time...It looks like you had a blast. Have a safe trip home


Daniela Costa

Sounds like fun! I wish you'd be at SJ CKU, but I understand your having a baby I guess your excused! lol! I hope to one day take a class from you. I am making my own SHE album of my 12 year old daughter. She is going to be 13 in two months and its turning out so darn cute! Thanks for the inspiration for it. I too was looking through Cafe Press for those shirts and couldn't find them. Can you post a link? Thanks so much Heidi!


you all look like you're having sooo much fun!

wish i could have been there!

sarah green

Your killing me here... wish I knew what the "she" album was all about!!! Those t-shirts with the writing on the back looked awesome!!


hey heidi,

would you mind explaining a little about what "she" is all about. i think i've got the gist but you're the expert!

love sharon (perth, western australia)

Chris Wenzel

Thanks again for all of the great memories at CKU A. You touched my heart and I learned things avbout myself that I never knew. This will be an album and a class that I will never forget...

BTW all that craziness for the class pic and it came out AWESOME!!!


I have been off and out of touch for a few months..great catching up here and big congrats on the upcoming little one too! I have to have that teeshirt!!! Yikes!


Heidi, this was one of the coolest things I've ever done. I only have 5 pages of my album so far, but they are so fabulous, I'm so in love with it! Thank you so much for making this such an awesome experience! It was better than I ever imagined it would be!!


Could you please post a link for the "She" shirts - I too am having trouble finding them on the cafe press website

Melissa H

i'll add to the list of people hunting down the 'she' shirts!! i searched cafe press for ages but couldn't find them, could you please give us the link??? thanks heidi!! :)

Melissa H

found it!!! for anyone looking - here is the link...


doesn't seem to have that exact hoodie on it though, but there is some other great stuff!


OOHHHH!! What great pics!! Looks like you all had a fabulous time!!!! One of these days I hope to get to CKU-Albums!!!
So glad you all had such a fun time!!!
Thanks for sharing those pics!!! I have started my SHE album, and have one 9x9 LO for it!!! =)


Such cute photos! Looks like a great time! Loving your hair a bit longer like that - so cute!

Jolene George

This looks like the best time. I love all the pictures...especially the last one..real cute! I'm glad you have your wonderful job too because you inspire all of us to be creative. I appreciate you! http://jolenegeorge.blogspot.com/


As one of the lucky ones who were in the She track at Chicago, let me just say that it was the best!! We had a great time! Thanks to Heidi and her team.


WooHOooo. right on the heels of CKU-A Chicago, which my friends had the time of their lives...
It is opening day for baseball, esp. my beloved St Louis Cardinals, AND I just completed my first project which I SUCCESSFULLY used my fave HS rubons!!!!
Love that tutorial!!!

Thanks Heidi!!


Heidi and crew, I loved it...thanks for being so gracious and inspiring and generous. The class photo came out wonderfully! Can't wait to finish my album now...hopefully soon!

Wanda E. Santiago

Hey beautful what a powerful experience. Now make sure you get some rest and take care of yourself. Hugs Wanda

Linda Beeson

I know you all had a ball, thanks for such a fun report - reminded me back to all the fun that was had at CKU-A Provo!!!

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