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Well done Heidi,
I seriously wish i could drag myself out of bed at 5am on these cold and frosty mornings... Australia is quite cold now so i am not a morning person at all in this weather. i will try in Spring. I might have a better chance at success..LOL I love your picture as well. WOW....

deb munn

Look at you doing the whole morning person thing! Way to go!! I'm totally impressed darlin'! Way to make the most of your day. I'm a bit jealous.
Hope you have some fun plans for your big day! Have a happy!!


Rock on! If I didn't have the external pressure of being to work by 7 am, then I would have totally hit snooze and gone back to bed! And you got a whole heck of a lot done by 8 am, too! Made me tired just reading it!

Melissa H

wow- look at how much you got done by 8am!! how did you do all that without waking the rest of the family?? my kids would definitely get up if they heard me doing stuff at that time - so that's my excuse to stay in bed!! got all our 'she' gear from cafe press yesterday! all looks great and is so comfy to wear - esp. that hoodie!! thanks again, heidi!


Well, well, well,,,welcome to the mornings!!! Is it possible to be both a morning & a night person {if it possible, I know you will try} I'm up by 5am each day and so envy night owls...... goood luck and remember to take care of yourself and baby swapp.............


sister - i'm exhausted just reading everything you did! Scrap Etc sounds like sooooooooooo much fun, wish i could've gone!


: )


thanks for all that you shared...the tears were good, life changing. You really are inspiring! Hope you are getting some rest. How cool you and Cathy shared a room...too cute ;)


I've really been wanting to do the whole morning thing, too. I get too wrapped up in other things once my 2 girls get up and I hardly have time to get my actual work done. Thanks for the inspiration! Now I guess I'd better get stuff wrapped up so I can go to bed early!
Hope the rest of your week goes just as well as today did!


Oh, I can totally relate - NOW! Just went back to work (only part-time ~ 3 days a week) a few weeks ago. I am SO like a night person. Normal bedtime was around midnight or later, and yes, Sydnie, my 4-yr-old, stayed up with me and kept me company. NOW, I am normally in bed by 9:30 or 10 (I'm up late tonight, as I am off of work tomorrow ~ yeah)! I have to say, this getting up early thing is for the birds! And, I mean literally. I cannot stand to get up before the sun comes up! I mean, EVEN THE SUN'S NOT UP :)! I miss my late nights, but I must admit, I enjoy working a few days a week. Gives me a break away from the little ones. It's so nice to have adult, "big people" conversations! Yeah!

So, congratulations on getting up early! I must admit, on my days off, it's nice to get up around 8:00 (it's sleeping in) and getting a kick start on my day. But I sure do miss getting out of bed at 11:00 ~ he, he! I guess this is good training for when Sydnie starts pre-school next year.

Wanda E. Santiago

Hey you are going to be a morning person after all. Hey beautiful I tried sending an email and it bounced. Hope you have a great week. Hugs Wanda


I'm so glad you made it home safely. I had such a wonderful time this weekend. I honestly planned not to go on Saturday and after Friday's class, I knew I would miss something great. I came and it was worth it! Thanks for all the great inspiration. I went to Amazon and bought 10 She books. I am going to give them to all the important women in my life. Thanks again! I hope I can share with them what you taught me!


Wow! Sounds like your master plan for the week is right on track! That is awesome!!!
Just in case I am not around later this week, I wanted to wish you a HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY EARLY!!! My hubby's bday is Sunday and I have yet to get it together!!! Ack!!! I'll get it done though, I have to!!!
Happy Birthday Heidi!!! I Hope it's wonderful!!!


Glad you were so productive. I'm headed to bed soon myself.:)


fyi, it is now 10:43 pm and we just got done watching the monday night shows (24, Apprentice) and she is just going to bed. BUSTED
I am going to have to do some serious nudging in the morning to get her up.
love ya babe
t s b t h


Heidi....WOW......you sure did get heaps done before 8am.Might just try that myself at some stage. I seem to be staying up later and later and then sleeping in.But then again my kids have all left home except one and Tim's 23 and is up and out the door by 7am.



I love that photo! I always enjoy seeing a snap of scenery near to where someone lives as it gives a sense of "feeling" where they are.

I'm living in UK now but come from South Africa and one thing that always eases any homesickness is to look at a photo of a part of the countryside and it takes me back and gives me a boost. It sounds strange living in a beautiful green country that I miss the dry sandy grassy thornyness for the colours that brings.


wow, I wish so badly I could be a morning person or even a night owl! I have a 7 month old who still gets up 2x a night that we are trying to train to sleep through the night, and she doesn't want anything to do with it! So my moments of sleep are still cherished, but I'm longing to be like you and get so much done!


Wow, I wish I could get up that early and get that much stuff done. My body just doesn't seem to move that fast that early in the morning. Not that I am such a night person either. I am more of one of those mid day people. Thanks for all your kind words about your experience at Scrap Etc. We really enjoyed having you there and if you get a chance to read any of our blogs you will see that you and Cathy really changed our lives with your presentations and the inspiration that you brought with you. You made me see life and scrapbooking in a whole new light and made me want to be a better woman. I am ready to delve more into the She concept and can't tell you how your story and words touched my heart. -Christine

Katie Burnett

It was amazing having you in the 'ham Heidi! Thank you so much for coming. Your classes truly changed the way I look at this wonderful hobby of ours. I loved seeing your art journal and where it took you. It was great to pack your kits and be surrounded by all your product : )

Thanks again for everything.


It's amazing the things you can accomplish when you're up so early in the morning! I get up pretty early, but I must admit that I often have a nap to keep me going for the rest of the day. Sounds like your weekend was a blast. Good luck with the morning thing.

Deborah Pickens

Heidi, thank you so much for your inspiration this weekend. All the classes were eye-opening and potentially life-changing. I say "potentially" because you opened the door and all we have to do is have the courage to step through. I'm going through, with a "thank you, ma'am!"

That's generally. Specifically, during your talk about the cards, I was thinking - "I wish I had some of those cards, I'm going to look for them, because I want (and NEED) to do that for myself" - and then, lo and behold, there they were in your goody bag. You were just like a fairy godmother, granting my wish. Also, thank you for sharing your art journal - I'm a beginning scrapper and have had some trepidation about trying various things. An art journal is the perfect answer for that. How can I be nervous about that?

Thank you.


... pass me a bucket ....


I love my mornings. I always get up early to have "me" time. I enjoy my cup of coffee, check email, and, sometimes do chores. I have to have that time or forget it!

It wasn't easy getting on that routine, but once I had my son two yars ago, it came easily. Now, I'm working again, so I have to get up early and miss my mornings.

Good luck on the rest of the week..


What a darling husband to comment on your blog. BUSTED! No wonder your love for him shined so bright when you talked of him. Love 24 too. I cn't tell you what a great job you an Em did. I could not touch my stuff until I got home. Because I need space to scrap. I was afraid if I messed it up in your class, I would have cried worst than you. I am still in awe of you touching me and asking me if I was alright. I just could not mess it up. I have your QVC Album and I totally love it and touch it everyday. I surely hope you come out with another one.

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