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is that really the view from your house?


wow big pat on the back to u, u did soo much...i only get a few things accomplished by 8, gym, shower, breakfast for kiddies, hair done and dressed and drop kids off at school.... tom. i awake at 5:15 so i can get to gym by 6 a.m. i try to get things done at nite...but i like your way, maybe on my day off i can do that....

Sharon Lovoy

Dear Heidi, it's Sharon Lovoy (one of the Event folks from Bham) Absolutely loved your presentation (more about that in another post), but I have more pressing information for you: I cracked up when you mentioned Mod Podge and that you loved to use it even though it is not acid free. Somebody up there must love you, because there is an acid free version. It has a green label. I bought some, opened it up, smelled it, and yep, there was no acid (at least nothing that I could smell.) I'll let you know if I get any acid burns when I spread it around and get it all over myself! Come back to Bham and I'll get you a bottle!! PS, I ordered your shirts last night!


what a beautiful picture!


good for you girl! I bet you feel like a new woman getting all that stuff done, I can appreciate where you are coming from. However, you do sound like you are nesting just a little - cleaning the fridge and all! Love the cactus' .... very different landscape to the veiw out of my australian window :-) keep up the good work!


Yay you!!


um, you accomplished more before 8am than i do all week! also, you called someone before 8am?! man, you're brave!


totally lovin' the cafe' press tees. i will be getting me and my 13-year old "she" enthusiast daughter one! I am jealous you were in the big South...i am from there and really missing home right now...arizona's not feeling like home to me. anyway sounds like the morning routine is working out great! i am a daily list maker...feels awesome to have the things to do DONE each day!!

Rachel C

Wow, so awesome that you got that many things done by 8 in the morning!! You inspire me on SO many different levels!!!! =)


Wow---you got a ton done!!
I have a sick one at home...so I have been cleaning out my kitchen cabinets this week!

Anyway...just wanted to share my blog with you...I posted a couple of my "playing" cards that I created after my inspiring weekend at Scrap Etc.

Thanks so much for the pep talk. I really needed to hear what you had to say!!!

Cathy Vargen

Hi Heidi --

Well, I am one of those people you are jealous of...no alarm clock and up at 5:30 each morning...but I spend the first hour and a half drinking coffee and watching the news so I guess that doesn't count! hee hee Good job on your first early morning and getting so much done! Now I'm the jealous one......

Cathy V.

Anne Marie Ellis


Thank you thank you thank you!!! I had such a great time at the event, and you were sooo generous, both with your time and with your product. It was a pleasure meeting you and I miss those Arizona mornings - We moved to B'ham from Scottsdale - Enjoy them!

Anne Marie

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