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Isn't she a little darling?! Great pics.

Laura Craigie

Oh my goodness, too sweet! The LO's, and the baby! :)


Congrats Aunt Heidi and cousin Quincy!
Beautiful little new life there, and SWEET layouts too!



congrats on being an aunty again .... thats what life is all about. I'm sure 4th time around you'll be awesome when your newest one arrives :-)


Dont ya just love the new-ness of a NEW baby!! Congrats to you all. Must be making you all so clucky now!


Congrats Auntie!


congrats Auntie
so beautiful lo and pics
love the pp!

yvonne b

congrats to the new aunt, and to your whole family. There is nothing sweeter than a new baby to love. Love the LO's also.
Yvonne B

deb munn

And just how cute is Quincy with her new cousin!! So cute!!
I'm glad you got to see your sister and your new neice, if only for a short visit.
Quality is what counts, right?
Good luck on the tube this morning!!

Michelle E

Congrats, your niece is beautiful!


What a little dollie :)


What a cute baby and what adorable layouts you have already created.


So, so, so sweet! what a beautiful little girl. =)


you amaze me!!!! everything about you!!! nothing stops you.. pregnant or not, business owning or not... YOU JUST MOVE!!!
keep up the great work.... and congrats.


How convenient that I happened to check out your blog at 8am...will have to go turn the TV on and check out the segment!! Also...congrats on your new niece...very beautiful!

Jessica K.

Cute baby!!

cool, just turned on the tv...thanks!


Oh so adorable! It makes me want to cuddle your layouts! :)


Oh, just missed your TV segment. I watch 3 every morning in between trying to get son out of bed for school--every 5 minutes it's tickle, take the bed covers off, shake, then it moves to the cold water and pulling feet over the edge, I get a little louder...threats of no computer, etc. continue until about 1 minute before we need to be on the road he rolls out of bed! By then I'm exhausted and haven't accomplished anything. Teenagers! Don't know how you do it all, Heidi but I am inspired! I may go to expo. Very, very cute kids! See ya.


What a blessing! congrats new auntie!!! :)
She is darling...


How sweet..what a darling baby! Love the lo's, too. So the paper at your CKU m&t is your paper? I recognize the dots at least. Fun!

Sarah W.

and just when i thought i didn't wanna a baby anymore. what an adorable little one. such a sweet blessing for your sister and your family. thanks for sharing the photos...they melt my heart.


Lucky for those of you that can have girl babies. My husband only knows how to make boys! Grrr. But this year I "borrowed" a teenage daughter from a friend of mine so I get to enjoy the fun without the diapers! Ha! She wanted to finish HS(high school, not you, Heidi) here while her parents relocated to TX and now CO so she lives with us. I never knew what I was missing before having all boys (3)...but now I know. It's true girls just want to have fun. I'm loving the pink, sequins, hair coloring, conversations, etc. I even taught her to drive. Wish she would marry my 20+ yr old son so she could stay forever!!! You luckies!


They are both little dolls! Love all of the pink & green! :)


congrats Auntie! That is so fun you were able to go for just a short while. She's precious and that pp is so yummy ;)


I know how you feel about being a little excited and a little scared. Just when life was getting easier with a 6 yr old, our 2nd child arrived. Starting all over again with sleep deprivation, nap schedules and packing your entire universe with you via diaper bag everywhere you go is a daunting task. But the warm snuggles, the soft coos and seeing everything new through their eyes everyday far outweighs the rest. It doesn't take long to realize that the new baby fills a hole in your life that you didn't even know was there.

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