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Actually...I think they call that a "craving". : )



hahaha thats nothing, I worked at McDonald's when I was pregnant with my eldest, I never eat the meat there but I had cravings for quarter pounders, had one every day I worked! yuk! lol


hahaha thats nothing, I worked at McDonald's when I was pregnant with my eldest, I never eat the meat there but I had cravings for quarter pounders, had one every day I worked! yuk! lol

Jill Stuart

McDonald's cheeseburgers are good--pregnant or not. I've been known to drive thru there without my kids either, and I'll do it again.


who doesn't like them???!


I am SO understanding this. I ADORE Happy meals.

Dana Miron

Oh my gosh! I love McDonald's! I wish I could kick the habit... but I just can't seem to! I try and try... I tell myself to just stay away... and then I go... and I'm hooked again. Is there a McDon Anon? ;)


Hate all hamburgers, but live for the grilled chicken and fries with chicken sauce..YUM!!!!


At least you can play the prego card right now...that has been my excuse! And then after the baby is born, then I won't have time to cook so I'll have another excuse! Woo Hoo. Plan double cheese burger kids meal with a coke please?!

Jennifer Kirk

I had my biggest hormonal fit in a McDonalds when I was pregnant! They were out of Shamrock Shakes and I sat in my car, BAWLING, telling them they should put a sign in the window. And I made my husband drive another twenty minutes to a different McDonalds to get me a shamrock shake. And it was so good. Man, I wish it was still March...


Oh, sounds too good! Cheeseburger & fries ~ now I could go for that this morning ~ yes, for breakfast! Ha! Now, the orange drink, I'll have to pass on. That stuff tastes like the orange drink they give you to do that glucose tolerance test when you're pregnant ~ :) maybe that's why you like it?? But, I have to admit, my all time fave from Mickey D's is the McRib sandwhich ~ yes, the one with the "processed" pork all drenched in BBQ sauce topped with pickles and onions! Oh, girl! Couldn't get enough of these when I was pregnant! And I could so totally relate to Jennifer K's post ~ when i was pregnant, they had the sign up for the McRib's, and the McDonald's I went to didn't have them for sale, YET. I went all hormonal on the cashier and told her that they shouldn't have put the sign out! (I did go back a few days later to apologize to her, and she just laughed, thank goodness!) Enjoy those cheeseburgers!!


nothing better when i'm preggo than a big mac, fries and a big ole coke!! glad i'm not the only one. i've gone through the drive thru by myself too. also my favorite meal after i've had a stomach bug!! bizarre right? i try to stay away, like only once a week. i think maybe i need a mcdon anon too. LOL



i am totally a cheeseburger girl...always have been. especially from mcdonalds's! anyways, i'm off to buy your new acrylic stamps at my lss. so excited!!

Krista Henson

I remember when I was pregnant with my little guy a few years ago, for me it was Big Macs. They were the thing I craved, and I though about them all the time, but would only let myself give in every other week or so. Sad thing is they just didn't taste the same after I had him


Unfortunatly, I don't have being preggo as an excuse. But I love McD's cheeseburger's and orange drink as well. I was craving one once and my husband took me to Wendy's instead. I was upset and he asked what was wrong and I said but I wanted the grease from McD's!!! it must be a female thing ;)

Jolene George

You crack me up! I can see you in the drive through just wishing you had a child in the car to make it socially acceptable to be there. LOL! Once my youngest went to school full time I had the hardest time dealing with eating lunch alone. It really is okay for grown ups to like fast food! Enjoy that cheeseburger and orange soda. :o) http://jolenegeorge.blogspot.com/


I love McDonald's Quarter Pounder with Cheese and an Orange Drink. That is worse than the cheeseburger... but we gotta feed that craving every so often.


I can totally relate Heidi! When I was pregnant with my son, I ate McDonald's cheeseburgers all the time..my husband is convinced that when our son gets older he will remember the taste and be addicted to McDonalds. :)

Wanda E. Santiago

You go girl take care of yourself in the small things too. Have a wonderful weekend!! Hugs Wanda

wife & mother

why do I feel like I'm reading the blog of a 12 year old??? honestly, heidi, you sound like a 12 year old trapped in a woman's body...

sarah green

Not with you on that one - yuk!! The only McD burger I liked was one we had here called the Kiwi burger... YUMMMMMMMM - now that was a burger!!! it had egg, lettuce, tomato, meat, beetroot,- can't remember what else but when they stopped making it, well that was it from me - boycott time!

Diane McVey

You are so cute...and as a Grandma now, I envy the ones that get to be Grandma to your children!!! You eat those cheeseburgers, and enjoy life. . . and cherish every moment with the kids, our youngest is off to college this fall! ACK! Where did all the years go??? :)


I LOVE McDonalds cheeseburgers. I always get extra onions on them, I think the little onions are so yummy. My sister worked there in college, and in an effort to get me to dislike the onions, she told me they came dehydrated in a big bag and then they just added water to make them into the onions on your burger. I asked if I could buy them. :) Oh, and the Hi-C orange drink? The only beverage I get there!


Glad to hear I'm not the only one. I love getting the orange drink at McDonald's. There's something addicting about it, because I never crave this unless it's with McD's cheeseburger and fries!


Hey, when you have a craving you have a craving. Have a great summer with the kids.

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