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this is the woman that I really like to 'see' when reading your blog... you're true authentic self...
let 'her' shine more... it's refreshing! blessing to all the mom's....past, present and the future....


Your family is so adorable, Heidi!

Lara Cousins

Gorgeous pics Heidi. Can't wait to see your CE project;)
Lara in SA

heidi larsen

awesome pictures! what a cute idea for a b-day party! my youngest just turned 5 too! you look so cute pregnant! i am also expecting a baby, mine is due in september. you will have to let me know how the age gap is. any advice that you have...


Great entry. The birthday party idea is really cute! My daughter turns five in June and we've been back and forth on theme ideas. One minute she loves an idea and the next, she hates it! Such a girl. Love the backdrop to your family pictures...beautiful desert scenery...


You guys look gorgeous. What a beautiful backdrop. Great little family!!!!HOpe you had a wonderful Mothers Day!!


I don't know how you do it all!! It sounds like such a fun party & your family is beautiful! Just wondering--is Jodi willing to share her cupcake recipe? They look delicious! :), Amy


Absolutely beautiful pictures. You look so beautiful (glowing) Heidi.

Happy Mother's Day!


YOur entry made me cry! I had those same thougth when I opened up the little handprint cards! I am so grateful to be a mom, sometimes I just need to be reminded!

Jen Smith

What a beautiful family you have...and yes we need a new family picture. Thanks for the push.


Your blog got me teary -- just had my fourth baby in April and my oldest is five and starting school in August. I'm a weepy but happy mess as well. Where does the time go?


love the peace sign your son is giving! beautiful family!


Heidi, your family pictures look great. What a touching blog entry. I am looking forward to when my son is old enough to sing to me and make fun crafts for me and all that wonderful stuff. :)


Such beautiful photos, Heidi! They turned out so wonderful!!


I am a huge fan of your work. I enjoyed reading your blog today. Helped remind me to try to think that way a little more often, not just Mother's Day.


What a beautiful family! Thank you for your realness and sincerity in your blog.
I just celebrated my first mother's day (my baby boy is 3 months old!) and I couldn't stop thanking my son and husband b/c if it weren't for them I wouldn't be a mommy! :)
Looking forward to seeing your scrapbk pages from the party....


Such beautiful family pics! Cant wait to see baby pics!


Your pictures are so cute! And the birthday party looked like a lot of fun. Hope you had a great mother's day!


Such beautiful pictures, Heidi! You look so cute pregnant...I feel like my face is just fat along with everything else...you're lucky! Hehe!!


so beautiful. love these photos and glad to hear you're doing well!


the photos are beautiful. i can't wait to attend the event in sept. i have family that lives there. some in phoenix and some in sun city west. The party pictures are so cute. love the shoes and especially the pb&j's. yummy!


beautiful pics and loving the cute pink toes!!
wonderful post about being a mother.

Sarah W.

Oh goodness, those photos are just GORGEOUS! the one of you and your husband is simply delightful, no one could honestly not look at that picture and not be excited for your pregnancy (and your marriage) your happiness and contentment just radiates off both of you. quincy's birthday party looks like it was a blast! what a fun way to remember 5. and all of your comments about motherhood only make me pray that more feverishly for the opportunity for me to be a mom. :)

Cyndi ( disneyscrapper )

Oh my . My big girl ( almost 21 would have loved the pink birthday party-as a matter of fact may have to use it for her 21st birthday ). And the family picture is awesome.


Darling, Love love love your belly!
kiss kiss

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