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Yippee!! I can't wait to see what you have in store for us Heidi!! It's so hard to wait unti September for your event, but is going to be so worth it I just know!

Cricket :)


I am so excited!!!!! It is going to be so cool. I am counting down the days.


Where is a website for this event?


you are making me even more excited that i treated myself & signed up for the creative escape. i was feeling a little guilty but now the anticipation and excitement is surpassing the guilt...yeah! i deserve it right?



I wish. We are buying a houes so its out of my league this year ( according to my husband anyways, my opinion msy differ slightly :(

Jolene George

AHHHH! I was planning to sign up! In fact I was already signed up to be a volunteer helper, but my first grand baby is coming around the same time so I cant go! whaaaa!!! I do have a friend that is going and she is so dang excited! I'm sure your projects will be amazing! http://jolenegeorge.blogspot.com/


Oooh, I am so excited for Creative Escape! I can't wait for the sneak peeks of the classes. September can't get here fast enough!


if the classes are anything like the ones in alabama, we are totally in for a treat. i loved them. i am so excited to get to this event. i am putting the pressure on for my friend to meet me out there. i think she is coming. i can't not wait to see all the hard work you have put into this. even being pregnant as you are. i would have died by now. can't wait to see your new stuff that will be out at cha.


can't wait...I know you will have so much cool stuff. :)


Sounds like you're really busy, Heidi, but it's the good kind of busy. Glad all is well.


I am so excited for sept, I alwayz like heidi Swapp products, In fact i have a lot of them. Her products are awesome, very nice and just the right price. I am really looking forward for this re-treat ,a retreat for myself. I know this will be fun and hoping to meet new freinds in scrapbooking industry. I am looking forward of meeting you too HEIDI.....I know sept will be around the corner soon.


Wanda E. Santiago

Looking foward to CHA and seeing you beautiful!! Hugs Wanda


color me green {with envy} and blue {cause i'm soooo sad :( } i was hoping to join everyone in az with a friend i haven't seen in almost 12 years and now she can't make it! i may have to stop lurking your blog until after september :(:(:(

Rebecca F

I'm laughing at your comment that you thought you'd get a chance to get "caught up", but stuff keeps coming your way. "Caught up" goes out the window once you start scrapbooking, in the same way that "normal" (as in, "when things return to normal...") goes out the window once you have kids. "Caught up" and "normal" are history! This is it, baby, and isn't the day-to-day ride a blast? A sleep-deprived, messy, giggly, hair-pulling-out, noisy, huggable, busy, crazy blast?


Well I finally did it - I am signed up - couldn't miss it after the incredible SHE experience in 2005 - now I just have to save pennies and watch for cheap flights from Australia to Arizona!!!!
Can't wait....everything looks amazing, the event, the resort!!! WOW!!!!! Counting days!!! Thank you Heidi!!!


Thanks for all your hard work. I'll be attending alone as none of my friends have the money soooo I was wondering if there will be a yahoo group or dorms or something so I can be a part of some smaller group???

Carol Cowans

Thanks so much for all the work and effort that's going into this event. Me and my friend Sylvia signed up. This will be such a great opportunity for us to "get away" from our regular lives and just relax together. We're registerd, have our hotel booked and our plane tickets bought. We just can't wait! I've never been to anything like this. We were registered for CKU this month in San Jose and decided to go to Creative Escape instead. This sounded much more like our style rather than the rah rah school dorm environment of the CKU. See you in September!

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